30 Little Ways To Have More Balance In Your Everyday Life


You’ve probably heard or read the phrase, “have balance” thrown around in a book, at your workplace, or during social gatherings. Whenever I Google questions on life, “having balance” is always included in there somewhere. As if the word “balance” has a crystal clear call to action. Does it mean I should always choose to stay in the middle and never lean left or right? Does it mean there’s a happy medium to everything in life? Does it mean I can have my cake and eat it too? Maintaining balance in life is subjective to everyone.

Here are 30 times I learned what it means to “have balance”:

1. Balance means eating your veggies but also having an oreo cookie once in a while.

2. Balance means spending time with your friends but giving yourself attention when you need it.

3. Balance means knowing when to cut yourself off from drinks at the bar.

4. Balance is blowing $300 on boozy brunches with your friends and questioning a $12 bottle of conditioner.

5. Balance is working seventy-two hours straight and spending the next two days catching z’s.

6. Balance is working out until your dripping in sweat and enjoying pizza right after.

7. Balance is climbing to the top of a mountain and finding an Uber to get back down.

8. Balance is nights alone dating yourself and nights spent cuddling with your boo.

9. Balance is hibernating in your office Monday to Thursday and then straight partying Friday to Sunday.

10. Balance is not hesitating to call in sick when you know you won’t be your best at work.

11. Balance is not being able imagining life without him but also not tolerating his presence for more than five minutes.

12. Balance is pursuing your dreams while also facing fear along the way.

13. Balance is believing in God but not going to church every Sunday.

14. Balance is showing up fifteen minutes early to a meeting and then also showing up 1 hour late to a wedding.

15. Balance is feeling like you’re invincible and also feeling so defeated that you use every ounce of strength to get back up.

16. Balance is drinking coffee on some days and tea on others.

17. Balance is wearing sexy stilettos but constantly thinking about when you get to take them off.

18. Balance is letting go of a comfortable paying job and lifestyle in search of enlightenment and deeper happiness.

19. Balance is going on a blind date but ending it early because you know it won’t go anywhere.

20. Balance is going on a blind date and pursuing a one night stand because you know it won’t go anywhere.

21. Balance is letting go of fake friends to allow more room for quality friends.

22. Balance is “low-quality picture, high-quality time.”

23. Balance is contouring your face with makeup perfectly on one side and looking like a skeletal outline on the other.

24. Balance is forgoing the luxurious penthouse with #viewsfordays for a snug lofty studio to pay off your student loans.

25. Balance is planning out your birthday 3 months in advance while also booking a last minute flight for the hell of it.

26. Balance is putting up with your crappy job because you know it pays for your side hustle.

27. Balance is obnoxiously blowing up your group chat one week and going MIA in it the next.

28. Balance is going on a two-day trip and packing like it’s a 10-day journey.

29. Balance is letting go of “FOMO” (fear of missing out) decision-making and making decisions based on what you really need.

30. Balance is reaching a judgment-free zone with yourself and creating a rhythm of harmony in your life.