When You Love Someone, You Remind Them Every Single Day


You shouldn’t save all of your compliments and PDA for the puppy love stage. Even once you start dating someone, even once you decide to dedicate your entire lives to each other, you should continue to remind them of how much you care.

You don’t want them to wonder whether you are slowly growing bored of them. You don’t want them to feel like you are only sticking around because you made them a promise and now you are stuck.

Don’t assume that they already know you care since you are living together or have a baby together. They need reassurance from time to time. They need to know that you haven’t changed your mind about being head over heels for them.

You can’t let yourself grow too comfortable and become lazy, because if you stop saying those three little words and stop going out of your way to spoil your person, they are going to feel neglected. They are going to question your feelings.

That is why, when you love someone, you have to remind them every single day through your actions and through your words.

Leave kisses across their forehead. Help them wash the dishes. Compliment their haircut. Sit close when you’re watching TV together. Kiss each other goodbye before work. Stock the fridge with their favorite candy. Pick up coffee for them on your way home. Give them massages. Give them hugs from behind. Give them a reason to feel desired.

On their birthday, buy them a card and scribble something sweet inside of it. Over the holidays, spend weeks searching for the perfect present so they know you put effort into finding something sentimental. On your anniversary, plan out the perfect date night that will be remembered long after it ends.

But don’t wait until those special occasions to express your affection. On any random night, light candles. Cook a homemade dinner. Hold their hand. Play with their hair. Open the door for them. Offer them your jacket. Let them pick the movie. Buy them dessert. Kiss them in public.

Show your love with the little things. By wearing the shirt they bought you. By turning your phone off during dates. By playing their favorite song. By taking them to their favorite restaurant. By posting a cute picture on social media. By giving them a sip of your drink. By giving them the last bite of your meal.

Of course, your actions are not the only piece that matters. Make sure your words match. Make sure you vocalize how you feel so they do not have to guess. Spend more time saying thank you. I love you. I appreciate you. I am lucky to have you. You look beautiful. You are hilarious. You are my best friend in the world.  

When you love someone, you should remind them every single day, because they deserve to feel special. They deserve to feel like you are happy exactly where you are and would not trade them for the world.