30 Men On Their Favorite Flowers (Because They Deserve Bouquets Too)


These men from Ask Reddit love flowers, too!

1. Jasmine, especially the kind that only blooms at dusk. The smell is awesome, I haven’t met a single person who doesn’t recognize and enjoy it.

When I have a date in the summer, I’ll sometimes take the girl out for an evening walk through a nearby neighborhood filled with jasmine, because I’m so very cheap romantic.

2. Tulips are fucking beautiful. They make everything look so goddamned happy.

3. Plumeria. It is so fragrant. It is traditionally what they make lei out of.

4. Columbine. Its Colorado’s official state flower. Neat looking and you can find them frequently naturally growing while hiking in the mountains.

5. I really enjoy Lupine Flowers. Here in Colorado we’ve got some wild ones that grow in the pasture. So this year I transplanted a few into the yard (just in some of the native grass area) next to some bigger ones.

I went around the pasture and collected seeds from a few varieties. I plan on growing a few of them next year in the garden to see what happens.

Fun fact about those flowers. They used to grow them in Ancient Rome for food. As you can breed them to remove whatever it was that makes them poisonous. They are just a member of the bean family I believe. So you would have a bunch of Lupine plants in your garden that looked nice as they bloomed, then feed you for the summer/fall.

6. Honeysuckle for smell and hummingbirds. Lots of childhood memories of pulling the little drops of nectar out of the bottoms and trying to taste it.

7. Dahlias. They don’t smell or anything but the colors and the way the flower petals form are almost psychedelic.

8. Lilac. I live in Florida and unfortunately they don’t grow here. I reject that notion, we need to get all the great botanists in the world together to get them to figure out how to grow them in tropical environments. I simply refuse to believe that science can allow us to put a man on the moon but we can’t figure out how to grow a damn flower.

9. Passionflower. I have been trying to grow one for a year now with no success.

10. Morning glory. Such a beautiful purple and when I was a little kid the daycare I was at had them in the backyard and it was fun to see them open every morning.

11. Eschscholzia californica (California poppy, golden poppy, California sunlight, cup of gold).

I like the color, I don’t care that it looks like a weed, when they grow in massive areas I like how it looks.

12. I grow incredible roses. Yellow with fire red edges. So those.

13. Blue bells! They are only around for a few weeks every spring here and they are by far my favorite. When my mom drove me to school in the morning she would always slow down when we passed a house that had tons of them so I could look. She would also take different routes on her way home so that the next day she could show me other houses that had them.

14. Definitely the poppy. Not only is it pretty, but it’s useful and hearty, too. You can grow it in absolutely shit soil and it’ll just truck along. Beauty without compromise.

15. Sunflower. It reminds me of my mom who passed away when I was 18.

16. I really like Iris. They come in dozens of varieties and colors. And are really easy to grow.

17. I lived in DC for a bit and I love the cherry blossoms. When they bloom and flower petals rain down it’s pretty cool to see and smell. I would recommend coming to DC either right before or after the festival each year to check them out without the massive crowds at the mall.

18. Hyacinth. I’m into mythology so I’m all into my Hyacinths thanks to the story of Hyacinthus!

19. Bulgarian roses. Did a summer job as a groundkeeper one year and those were in the garden, next to the shed door. Smelt amazing anytime you passed.

20. San Pedro cactus flower. Used to have a big one on a property we rented, absolutely gorgeous when they were blooming. Next would be pumpkin flower, we grew some giants one year and some normal jack o’ lanterns the next and they were always really pretty.

21. Lotus! They’re so nice just floating on the water. I hope to live that way one day, retired with a houseboat (though not as a primary home, I guess. Storms’d freak me out). Really enjoy just looking at them, though… peaceful and calm, floating wherever they may.

22. There is a red flower that blooms in Israel called Kalaniot. They are the most pure red I have ever seen, and fields of them bloom in early spring, creating these beautiful seas in the hills (ironically?) near Gaza. The color is so pure and undeniable that these fields were probably where God himself got the idea to invent red.

23. Thistle, it may be because I’m proud of my country, or because they represent the country well, but I just really like Thistles.

24. Lily of the valley. It smells amazing and is extremely poisonous.

25. First thought that came to mind is hibiscus. I enjoy that they continue to have the flowers open up for a few days, pop off, and more keep coming in all summer.

26. Chrocuses. They grow in the river valley during the summer. They’re a beautiful little violet flower. Plus they remind me of my ex and I miss her.

27. Dandelions. Theres just so fucking many of them and bundles they look so nice.

28. Snapdragons. My nana used to plant them in her flower garden.

29. Tulips. My grandad was a keen gardener and he loved them. When he died, my mum dug up his tulips and put them in her garden and they have improved every year. They’re gorgeous.

30. Do the flowers on trees count? Because I absolutely love Magnolia flowers. Even got one tattooed on me.