30 Personalized Christmas Presents That Are Super Heartfelt And Sentimental 


Most of these gifts come from Etsy. Support small businesses!

1. A necklace with a portrait of their pet on it, so they can carry their animal wherever they go.

2. A ring with custom handwriting from a deceased relative, so the person they lost is always with them.

3. Mugs that have a cute, personalized drawing of the two of you. This is perfect for couples or even best friends.

4. A reel viewer with photographs from your camera roll, so they don’t have to log onto Instagram to look at cute pictures.

5. A necklace or bracelet or pair of earrings with their birthstones embedded into the jewelry.

6. A custom picture frame that has a sweet quote engraved onto it, so they know exactly what they mean to you.

7. Candles in their favorite scent. This is not only cute — but it’s also useful.

8. A gift card for a local tattoo parlor in your town, so they can pick their own design.

9. A passport with their name written on it, so they’re ready once the world opens up to travel again.

10. A wallet with their initials engraved in the corner, so they never misplace it.

11. A monogrammed lighter, so they will never need to ask a stranger for a light again.

12. A sleep mask with their name printed on it, so they get a good night’s rest.

13. A personalized hockey puck (that doubles as a bottle opener) for the sports fans in your life.

14. A personalized money clip that will keep all of their cash in one place.

15. Socks with pictures of their pet printed on the fabric, so they’re always warm and cozy.

16. A cookie cutter in the shape of their pet, so they can make yummy treats that look delicious.

17. A monogrammed cutting board, which is perfect for the newlyweds or married couples in your life.

18. A puzzle made out of your absolute favorite picture you’ve taken this year.

19. Boxers with your face on it, so your partner feels like you’re always with them.

20. A globe that has whatever quote or saying you want written across it. This is perfect for world travelers!

21. Personalized paintbrushes for the artist in your life. They can never get enough supplies!

22. A photo ornament with your favorite picture printed across it. You can get them a new one every year!

23. A shirt with whatever text your heart desires. You can choose a cute quote or an inside joke!

24. A leather keychain with a personalized message, so your person knows how much you care.

25. A personalized guitar pick for the musicians in your life.

26. A monogrammed tea towel, which they can put on display in their kitchen.

27. A tasteful monogrammed blanket, which can keep them warm at night.

28. A water bottle with their name written on it, so they always stay hydrated.

29. A personalized star map that will show your undying love for them.

30. A personalized pillow with every single member of your family listed on it.

31. A monogrammed shot glass for anyone old enough to drink.

32. A personalized notebook for the writer in your life.

33. A personalized mask to keep them safe until the next holiday season.