Stop Waiting For The Magical Moment That Turns Your Life Around


Many of us keep waiting for a magical moment to happen, which we believe will somehow turn our lives upside down and change it into what we have always dreamed of. Some think that this turning point might be a solo trip around the world for a few months or a huge life event that will make us have a spiritual awakening and miraculously transform our whole lives afterward. Others might be waiting for this significant other to just barge into their lives and turn it into what they have always wanted. I used to be like that too—I used to keep waiting all the time for something to happen or for someone to show up. But if I could give my younger self one piece of advice, it would be to stop waiting.

Stop waiting for this magical incident that will completely transform your life. Stop waiting for the trip will solve all your life problems. Because guess what? Unlike what you think, you might actually go on a solo trip for a few months and actually come back to the very same life. Stop waiting for someone to save you and expect them to transform your life into what you always wanted. For god’s sake, just stop waiting for all of that. If you have a life that you are so eager to live, then go make it happen for yourself. Start right now and work on making your life everything you ever wanted it to be.

Stop waiting for someone or something to happen in order to move you to chase this life you want. Make a plan, start doing all you can, and work so damn hard to get this life instead of staying where you are hoping for a miracle to happen that will give you what you want on a silver platter.

I know we all grew up hearing stories about these moments that happen to people all the time that change their lives and help them have these life awakenings. And yes, even though I can’t deny that some moments in life might motivate the hell out of us or ignite a certain spark in us or make us reach a huge realization in our lives, that doesn’t mean that we put our dreams and lives on hold till one of these moments happen.

What if none of these moments come across our way? Do we just keep being stuck where we are and just keep waiting for them to happen?

Please go out there and make things happen for yourself. Don’t waste any more time waiting. Just go after what you want and find a way to get it. Don’t hope and wait for miracles or magical moments. Create your own luck. Create your own magic and miracles. You owe it to yourself to make this happen. You don’t need something to happen for you or someone to come into your life in order for you to get what you dream of. Everything that you need in order to get what you dream of is right within you, but you are just too busy waiting and looking for other things to happen for you that you can’t even realize the fact that you have the power to make amazing things happen for yourself.