30 Snacks You Always Wished Your Mom Would Pack In Your Lunchbox



1. Fun Dip

When you were done with what was basically Kool-Aid powder, you could throw away the package or if you were a complete monster, you could eat the powdery stick that came with it.

2. Melody Pops

There’s nothing kids love more than sugary treats and a slide whistle, am I right?

3. Shark Bites

What made Shark Bites so much better than regular fruit snacks is that they were IN THE SHAPE OF SHARKS.

4. Tongue Splashers

If you mixed a few of them together your tongue would turn brown and you’d look like you were dying.

5. Squeezit

They should have warned you not to squeeze it as soon as you open it because I ruined my David Robinson airbrushed jacket in the fifth grade.

6. Big League Chew

The grape was so good that I had to stop buying it because I would end up swallowing it every time.

7. Ring Pops

Remember the commercial where that little boy proposes to a girl with a Ring Pop? I highly doubt their parents signed off on the marriage.

8. Dunkaroos

I like that it was basically just a bunch of cookies and a tub of frosting for kids. Remember, you don’t just eat, you Dunkaroo.

9. Bubble Tape

Why did the commercials suggest that adults can’t comprehend Bubble Tape and would hate it? My dad always loved when I shared it with him.

10. Chocolate Ears Mickey

The best part of these was definitely the ears, but then you had to suffer through a giant glob of vanilla ice cream after that. I honestly don’t know if it was worth it. Wait, no it definitely was. Also I realize you can’t have ice cream in your lunch box, but what if you mom was awesome and got you a tiny cooler then surrounded Mickey with ice? It could happen, right?

11. Pop Rocks

How cool were you if you could put a whole pack in your mouth and not immediately start crying because you were afraid you were about to die?

12. PB Max

I loved these things so much and if they were still around today I would be eating one right now.

13. Ouch Bubble Gum

This was a great way to get kids used to the idea of eating Band-Aids.

14. Gushers

Gushers were delicious, but the commercials may have exaggerated just a bit on the amount of juice inside of each bite.

15. Fruitopia

The perfect drink for when you want the sweet taste of fruit but you also want a pound of sugar in every sip.

16. Tear Jerkers

There was a rites of passage when we were kids. You had to eat something painfully sour and/or miserably hot in order to be respected by your peers.

17. Life Saver Holes

It worked for donuts, so why not Life Savers?

18. Orbitz

This was another one of my favorites, but I don’t know why. You were drinking something that had all of these weird orbs floating around in it. To be honest, I would happily do it again.

19. WWF Ice Cream Bars

It could have been a frozen meat loaf on a stick, but if it had my favorite wrestlers on it, I was going to buy it.

20. Bubble Jug

It was a bunch of powder and chunks of bubble gum in a jug. What’s not to love?

21. Snapple Elements

If Captain Planet was in charge over at Snapple, this would be his creation.

22. Pepsi Blue

I was a bigger fan of Pepsi with Lime, but everyone told me it tasted like Lemon Pledge, so I gave in and switched over to Pepsi Blue instead. I don’t think it really mattered.

23. Surge


24. Sprite Remix

God I wish they still made Sprite Remix. My junior high years were built upon it.

25. Mickey’s Parade Ice Pops

Don’t try to tell me it was just a popsicle. There was something magical about chewing on Mickey’s ears and you know it.

26. Fruit By The Foot

Don’t waste your time giving me candies that are only measured in weight. I want my candies measured in length as well.

27. Josta Soda

I only had this a few times at my friend’s house so I may have romanticized how great it was and in all actuality it was awful. Just let me live in ignorance.

28. P.B. Crisps

This was the greatest snack of my lifetime and no one will be able to convince me otherwise. Bring it back, Planters. Let me experience joy once again in my soul.

29. Butterfinger BB’s

I was never a fan of Butterfingers, but if you make them into tiny little morsels that I can toss into my chubby little mouth, I will love them.

30. Keebler Fudge Magic Middles

Seriously how was this not a huge success? It’s a cookie stuffed with fudge!