19 Reasons Your Mom Was Cooler Than Other Moms


1. Cool moms are fun to be around. Even if they’re not the life of the party, you don’t get the sense that they’re looming over you, just waiting to shut down all the fun.

2. When you start smoking cigarettes they don’t say anything.

3. When your mom is cool you can get away with so much more stuff. It doesn’t mean you get to be ratchet all day every day, but it does mean that you had so much more freedom. You didn’t even know how awesome your mom was until hearing horror stories about your friend’s parents.

4. They seldom embarrassed you out in public BECAUSE THEY ARE SO COOL.

5. When you look at vintage photos of them they basically look just like American Apparel ads and you’re all, “Damn, mom, you were the shit!”

6. Your cool-ass mom trusted you when you stayed over a person’s house, and gave you a liberal curfew on the weekends.

7. A cool-ass mom gives her daughter makeup tips, showing her all the secret techniques that can only be passed down from someone more knowledgable.

8. You got to watch R-rated movies, even stuff with the sex in it!

9. A cool mom stays up-to-date. She knows all the lingo, she knows all the pop songs, she knows what twerking is, and she always looks cute. The key is that she’s awesome and up-to-date without trying to be 20 again.

10. She let you be whoever you are, allowing you to develop into the person you were destined to be. She might question your nail color choice or your hair choice or why you’re going through a goth phase right now, but at the end of the day she loves you and wants you to be happy.

11. A cool mom dropped you off and picked you up so you could hang out with your friends, a behavior you don’t think much of once you get a driver’s license or move out of the house. But it was a big deal for your parents to shuttle you around so you could have fun.

12. You think you’re being slick, but cool moms know when you’re lying about stuff. They let it slide because they’ve been there before.

13. They raised your allowance when you did well in school or because you were a good kid.

14. Cool moms will have a drink with you today. You’ll meet your mom for drinks at the bar, which is quite a turn in events if you think about it. You spent your teenage years trying to conceal the fact that you were getting shitfaced. Now here you are, getting shitfaced with your cool-ass mom!

15. She snuck you a $20 when you went to hang out with friends. “Have fun, sweetie.” YAS, MOM!

16. You know you have a cool mom when everyone loves your mom. Even your boy/girlfriend.

17. Cool moms are there to guide you, not to tell you exactly what to do. They don’t want you to make the same mistakes they made.

18. She’ll talk to you about boyfriends or girlfriends rather than acting like you’re some kind of sexless robot.

19. And most importantly, cool moms know how to be silly, laugh and joke around. Being a parent doesn’t mean you have to suck the life out of the party.