35 Small Moments That Are So Wonderful There Isn’t An Adjective Good Enough To Describe Them


1. When someone can relate to exactly what you’re going through.

2. When a moment you’ve been waiting for finally happens.

3. When you finally remember the name of that one thing that has been on the tip of your tongue.

4. When you come home to someone who is genuinely happy to see you.

5. When simplicity leaves you stress free.

6. When you see results after endless hard work.

7. When you feel at home.

8. When you reminisce about unforgettable memories.

9. When you know you’re falling in love.

10. When you get butterflies before you want to make a good impression on someone you like.

11. When you laugh so hard, you cry.

12. When you’re reunited with a friend you haven’t seen in ages.

13. When you receive a compliment from a complete stranger.

14. When someone gives you a hug when you really need it.

15. When you receive a hand written letter or card.

16. When you give a gift that isn’t tangible.

17. When you do something simply because you want to.

18. When you aren’t worried what others think.

19. When you look back at the past and realize something you couldn’t see when it was the present.

20. When you’re surrounded by people who sincerely love you.

21. When you’re not frightened by the unpredictable.

22. When you feel like something was simply meant to happen.

23. When there’s no explanation for something that brings you joy.

24. When you make your loved ones proud.

25. When you accomplish something completely on your own.

26. When you help someone accomplish their goals.

27. When you see someone you’ve helped, helping someone else.

28. When you’re reminded of home.

29. When you try something you’ve never tried before.

30. When you’re inspired by something new.

31. When you’re able to express exactly what is on your mind.

32. When you feel like someone understands you.

33. When you’re able to accept the end of a metaphorical chapter.

34. When you let something go that you’ve been holding onto for too long.

35. When you’re able to get back up after falling.