35 Things Girls With Soft Hearts Should Stop Being Ashamed About


Ask Reddit is here to remind you that you should feel ashamed of any of these things about yourself because you are beautiful.

1. Not being in a relationship. Learn to love yourself first and foremost because you are awesome and it’s critical to becoming a joyful person. How can you expect to love someone else when you don’t love yourself? Let’s stop pushing this constant nonsense that we have to have a boyfriend/girlfriend or get married as quick as possible. It’s moronic.

2. Menstrual cycles! A lot of women are embarrassed to bring them up and some people act like they’re disgusting, but they’re totally natural.

3. Working low wage jobs. No one should feel bad for what they do, we’re all just trying to get by.

4. Not being happy 24/7.

5. Being lazy after a hard day of work. We deserve it once in a while.

6. Having hair somewhere.

7. Stretch marks.

8. Being a virgin.

9. Crying. Don’t repress your feelings bud, let it out.

10. Your taste in music. I always hear about people’s secret genre that they like and are too scared to admit because they think they’ll be judged.

11. Receiving help from others. We are, many of us, generous and always ready to help. But we have a hard time being on the receiving end.

12. Admitting that they failed. Everyone has failed in their life at least once, nobody is perfect and you don’t need to be ashamed of it, it’s human.

13. Exercising around other people. It’s easy to feel ashamed of your own weight, strength, etc. when exercising around others that already have the body image you’re striving for.

14. Not knowing something. People shouldn’t shame others for their lack of knowledge. Absolutely no one knows everything.

15. Their laugh. It’s so sad when someone hates their own laugh.

16. Liking absolutely anything that they like. Flowers, wrestling, kung-fu movies, cooking, collecting toilet seats, avocado toast, Bud Light, Michael Bay movies, crying, handle-bar mustaches, hairy men, floppy boobs, podcasts, fried chicken, exercise, heavy metal, scallions, The Irishman… Just like what you like and own it.

17. Getting older/aging, its not like we have much control over that.

18. Eating alone.

19. Going to therapy.

20. Their own artwork. People don’t just pick up a paintbrush and start painting masterpieces. Everyone’s art starts out rough. The only reason someone ‘isn’t very good’ is because they just haven’t had the practice to refine their work.

21. Medical and STD issues. Get it resolved. Doctors have seen it all, it is just another day in the office for them, they are there to help, not ridicule and shame.

22. Admitting to having been the victim of something.

23. Living with your parents in your late 20’s. I know we’re expected to leave our parents’ house at a certain point, but there are various circumstances that play into that.

24. Buying condoms or the morning after pill.

25. Taking a sick day from work when you are mentally sick, not physically sick.

26. Being a certain age and not being married, having a degree, or anything that people have associated with a certain age.

27. Putting yourself first. Nothing wrong so long as you’re not impending on someone else.

28. Queefing. It happens to everyone and shouldn’t turn a good night into an embarrassing one.

29. Their genitalia. We are way too judgemental.

30. Blemishes and pimples that no one notices but themselves.

31. Having multiple failed relationships.

32. Sleeping with stuffed animals, even as an adult. Most people only use them as comfort, and shouldn’t feel ashamed of it.

33. Being ashamed of that one embarrassing thing you did a long time ago and to this day you die a little just thinking about it.

34. Mental illness.

35. Not being good at something that they just started to learn.