5+ Pendant Lights You Should Buy For Your Laundry Room


When it comes to designing your perfect home, no detail can be disregarded. However, with so many moving parts to consider, it’s easy to overlook some of the major make-or-break design elements. Case in point: laundry room lighting.

You might consider your laundry room a “throwaway” design opportunity, given that it’s not seen by many and needs to provide function more than anything else. However, you’re missing a great opportunity to not only utilize your home as best as possible, but also to come up with some innovative style strategy.

Lighting your laundry room is important not only because you need to clearly see what you’re doing while you’re sorting through clothes and other household items, but also because a room’s lighting truly makes or breaks the way it comes across. The right lighting fixture could be the difference between a cold, fluorescent-lit extra space and a relaxing, organized luxury room.

Types of Laundry Room Lighting 

For a space that serves so many different purposes, but chief among them to help you get your clothing organized and regularly cleaned, there are a few different lighting strategies to combine.

General Lighting

First, you’ll need a great overhead light. Whether that’s in the form of a pendant, flush mount, or even small chandelier depends largely on your style. This lighting will be the staple of the room and should provide adequate overall visibility.

Recessed Lighting

Ambient lighting can be created through recess lights, which can include directional spotlights, ceiling lights, and other fixtures installed in spaces that might not receive enough natural light or enough exposure from your main overhead light. 

Washer/Dryer Work Surface Lighting

If laundry rooms have any type of lighting, it is most often found right above the washer and dryer or conjoining work surface. This is the area you will need to see most clearly, whether you’re loading or unloading, adjusting the settings, examining a piece of clothing, and so on. Lighting above the washer and dryer is essential.

Under And In Cabinets

If your laundry room serves multiple purposes, or if you need to use and sort through cabinets often, you might want to install lights beneath or in them so you can more easily find soap and other products you need. 

Industrial Style Lights

Given that many people like to keep their laundry room design as minimal and “essential” as possible, industrial lights are popular. This is also a great option if you’re working with a limited budget and would prefer to hang a stylish bulb rather than an entire fixture. It gets the job done and looks great.

Track Lighting

Similar to the spotlights, track lighting will allow you to direct light from one main source. This would be great to install over the washer and dryer and could serve a dual purpose as both a spotlight for work and general lighting for the space.

Laundry Room Lighting Inspiration 

This bathroom uses a simple silver-plated pendant to light the space. Combined with shiplap and wooden countertops, it gives the space a country-chic appearance.

Given that this laundry room is built in conjunction with a “mud room” of sorts, the lighting had to be multifunctional. There’s a silver flush mount by the door and another white and glass pendant hanging closer to the work space. The room probably also uses under-cabinet lighting, or at least recess lighting, to ensure other spaces are visible.

Our Picks For Laundry Room Lights

[tc-product id=”mzgeec”]

With an industrial build and almost gothic flare, this fixture is perfect for the laundry room that you want to look almost like a workspace. This light looks as durable as it is and would be a perfect complement to any design.

[tc-product id=”xyeivkj”]

If you have a more Mid-Century taste but don’t want to blow your budget funding gold-trimmed globes for a room that’s not often seen, this is a great option for you. With a plain white stem and milky globe bulb, you get that Mid-Modern design while still being neutral enough to fit into a laundry room.

[tc-product id=”tpngl”]

Finally, if you want to pull together a chic but minimalistic laundry room, this globe is stylish, modern, and classic. With a clear globe, exposed bulb, and gold hardware, it mixes all of the most popular styles of the day.