37 Questions


1. Am I a masochist?

2. Do I know how to enjoy myself?

3. Do I like people? Yes, I like people, but how much?

4. Do I want a girlfriend?

5. If so, where are the girlfriends?

6. How is it supposed to feel when you like someone?

7. How many people do you have to have sex with before you find the one?

8. Should you have sex on the first date?

9. How many people regret having had sex with me?

10. Do people resent me in ways I can’t imagine?

11. Am I damaged, romantically?

12. If so, can I be repaired, so to speak?

13. Are things as exciting as they should be?

14. Do I make enough effort to have a full, rich life?

15. What is a full, rich life?

16. Do I have convictions?

17. Do I get enough work done?

18. What are we to make of people who work in social media?

19. What does it mean to grow as a person, and am I growing?

20. If not, what should I do?

21. Does it mean you haven’t “lived” if you stay in on the weekends?

22. Am I on the verge of understanding life and happiness in a new way?

23. Am I mature or immature?

24. When will something interesting happen?

25. Do I take myself seriously?

26. Will I have health insurance after I turn 26?

27. Do I have goals and ambitions?

28. If so, why am I bored?

29. I feel old. How is that possible?

30. What will I be like when I am 55?

31. Do I make too many excuses?

32. What are we to make of people who’ve actually suffered?

33. Should I take up yoga?

34. Am I sufficiently humble?

35. Am I likeable?

36. Are people without college loans happier?

37. What has become of me?

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