Movie Review: Due Date

Due Date is a bromantic comedy/road movie. I’m not sure of the origins of this particular variant on a genre that began with films like It Happened One Night, but Due Date is certainly not the first of its kind. It also might be called a screwball comedy, in that its characters are thrown into implausible, often absurd situations.

Firing Range

People who were already in New York City told me to save up a healthy amount of money, so I made it my goal to be as thrifty as possible, and moved back home with my parents.

The Magical Mushroom Trip

That evening I felt on edge, there was an itch for a little excitement. At least I had the visit of…

37 Questions

Do I like people? Yes, I like people, but how much?

High Schooler Posts Nude Pic of His Girlfriend, Gets Arrested

In yet another tale that demonstrates the dark side of Facebook and “sexting” (a term I just discovered today – does this mean I’m living under a rock?), a 14-year-old high school student from New Mexico was arrested for posting a nude photo of his 15-year-old girlfriend.

Contents of bin Laden’s Medicine Cabinet Revealed

One’s medicine cabinet can be extremely telling. As Seinfeld covered in “The Conversion” episode, its contents are like a private look into the owner’s life. This is just what we got when NBC released a list of all the medications found in Osama bin Laden’s medicine cabinet last week.

Where Does Mark Zuckerberg Live? Now and Then

So what’s Zuckerberg’s new place like? The $7 million, 5,000 square feet house is about a ten minute drive from what will soon be Facebook’s new headquarters in Menlo Park. The home includes a saltwater pool, five bedrooms, five full bathrooms, and a music alcove.