37 TV And Movie Scenes Guaranteed To Make You Cry


I’m here to confess. I’m a cryer. I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’m not just talking about crying about stuff that happens in my life, I cry during TV shows and movies constantly. It really doesn’t take much to get me going either. A big father and son scene really gets me which is weird since I have no issues with my own father. A good cry is nice especially when it doesn’t involve something that actually personally affects you. Sometimes you just find yourself in need of a few tears. If you find yourself being such a position or if you’re just a masochist then here are some recommendations that sure worked on me.

If you don’t cry every time you see G-Baby get shot then you’re a monster or a robot. The kid’s name is freakin G-Baby!! And he is the heart and soul of the damn team. He just wanted to go the ship!

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 
You better get use to emotional scenes about fathers and sons because there are a lot on this list. Will Smith has been nominated for an Oscar and this might be his best moment ever that doesn’t include Kevin James dancing.

Lion King
Damn you Scar.

Toy Story 3
It shouldn’t be so damn sad watching an 18-year old give up his toys to a little girl. She better cherish those guys.

The Green Mile
“Don’t put me in the dark, I’s afraid of the dark.”

Damn you cancer.

Has anything gone from so beautiful to so sad faster?

End of Watch 1 & 2
These two scenes are necessary together for them to really hit you hard. Off topic a tad, but is it just me or would you rather Gyllenhaal be the one to die?

It’s crazy that this movie came out in 1993. Almost 22 years later and it’s an uncomfortable movie to sit through. This scene is just one of many that will have you reaching for the tissues.

Fruitvale Station
Michael B. Jordan loves breaking our hearts from The Wire to Friday Night Lights. This time is even tougher knowing that this is based on a true story.

Boy Meets World
World Hates Shawn Hunter would have been a plausible spin-off. So many bad things happening to poor Shawn as Corey is just living the dream.

Parenthood is good for at least one cry per episode. Being asked to just pick one is like being asked to pick your favorite thing about Tom Brady, nearly impossible. Choosing this one just came down to the fact that this was the first thing to come up when you search “parenthood crying”.

Good Will Hunting 1 & 2
These were already tearjerkers, but now add Robin Williams’ death to the equation and good luck making it through these.

Remember the Titans
“Alice, are you blind? Don’t you see the family resemblance, that’s my brother.” Damn you Opie.

The Office 1 & 2
These scenes probably won’t do anything for people who aren’t fans of The Office, but any fan should have at least one tear drip down their face while watching. Tell me again how Steve Carrell never won an Emmy.

“It’s okay daddy, I’ll protect you.” That little girl earned her paycheck.


12 Years a Slave
Michael Fassbender plays one damn convincing monster.

Spectacular Now
This one just may get me because Miles Teller is my man crush.

Lost 1 & 2
When people think romance in movies or television you wouldn’t expect Lost to be in the equation, but these two heartbreaking scenes prove it belongs there.

Damn you again cancer.

Father and Son scenes strike again.

Field of Dreams
You had to know that this was coming. Reading people talk about their fathers in the comments section might make you cry even more than the scene itself.

John Q
Denzel plus dying son equals sadness.

Pursuit of Happyness
Could’ve gone with some sad scenes from this movie, but decided to keep it upbeat and give some tears of happyness.

Once again Robin Williams had already torn us up, but his death makes it that much sadder to watch. Seeing Bill Cosby in the background only adds to the sadness.

Friday Night Lights
Matt Saracen we will never leave you.

Making grown men cry for 21 years and counting.


If you haven’t seen these shows then stop what you’re doing and go watch them (especially The Wire).

Sons of Anarchy
He already got us all emotional in the Remember the Titans clip and now he gets us again as Opie sees the end.

The Shield
Damn you hand grenades.

The Wire 1 & 2
Bob from Walking Dead, Idris Elba and Michael B. Jordan all here to break your heart in these two connected scenes.

Marley and Me
Couldn’t find a video of the ending that was good quality so we’ll have to settle for this user made video. Tears will be had nonetheless.

Hopefully your computer isn’t now ruined from all the tears soaked up in the keyboard. I was an emotional mess in the middle of a coffee shop as I put this together. Employees and patrons alike were worried. Now go watch or listen to something cheery.