4 Alternative Summer Vacations For Millennials Who Don’t Have The Time Or Budget


It’s summer and we’re all eager to be on vacation. Each day we come into the office, we do our best, we sip our coffee, and we look out the window imagining were on a yacht in the Maldives until the buzz of our email brings us back to real life.

I know I’m personally daydreaming about my upcoming trips later this year. I’m looking out the window after my latest “Kind Regards” salutation and fantasizing about when my OOTO email can say it for me.

We all need some time to destress, to let go, and to reenergize. It’s proven to make us better employees, and it makes us all around better people, too.

This need to revive our bodies and minds becomes ever more present in the summertime. It’s when the weather is pristine, the sun is warm on our backs, and people seem to smile more (probably because they just came back from vacation).

The fact of the matter is, it’s not always easy to just log off for the day and return in a week or two. We may not have the vacation days to take, the time to spare, or the money to spend. A true summer vacation may not be in the books this year.

However, lucky for you, there are a few unique options you may want to consider:

1. Embark On A Weekend Getaway.

No time to take any days off? No worries. There are likely plenty of weekend trips you could find by doing just a bit of research. Dig around the web and see what destinations are a quick flight or train ride away. In an ideal world, you’d have Friday night, all of the Saturday, and Sunday morning to explore whatever destination you choose.

Maybe your company offers “Summer Fridays” which would add a few more hours to the trip too. It may not be ideal, or the optimal amount of time you need to unwind, but you still get to take a mini vacation, explore, and enjoy being out of the office in the heat of the summer.

2. Take A Workcation.

What is a workcation you ask? It’s where you still work the required time each day but do so remotely. Something like this may be simpler for small business owners or entrepreneurs, but it could very well (and should) be an option for most people. Imagine answering emails and taking calls while your toes are in the sand and sipping on a mojito (virgin, of course, until after hours).

More and more companies are adjusting to the idea of this so it may be something worth asking about. This way you’re still working but you’re also recuperating to some effect by being away from the office and at a (hopefully) relaxing destination. Although you’ll still be spending money, at least you won’t have to use vacation days.

3. Explore Your Own City.

It’s summer and naturally, you want to get outside. Maybe this year you can’t go as far as going to a new city or country. So why not explore your own? Do some research and check out some hidden gems you haven’t heard of, book a new experience, or start taking on the makeshift list of places you’ve been wanting to go to.

Use this as an excuse to become a tourist in your own metropolis. You’ll still be out there enjoying summer, and you’ll find a new appreciation for the place you get to call home. Try new restaurants, go to local events like open mic nights or the theater – your options are likely endless if you know where to look.

4. Plan Ahead For Later This Year.

So a summer vacation isn’t possible this year… not to worry. Instead of brooding over missing out this season, do your best to get through whatever is holding you back from taking a vacation. Rack up those vacation days, work extra hard, save the money, and do what you need to.

When you get your head above water, reward yourself with an autumn retreat or winter hideaway. There’s too much of the world to see to only deem travel worthy for a single season. So just work towards the goal of having a kickass vacation later this year. All your hard work will be sure to pay off, and planning in advance will give you the opportunity to make it extra worthwhile.

And if none of this is possible for you right now, then I have one last temporary alternative for you. Put on your headphones, jam out to this playlist, add a tropical background to your computer, order some ethnic food for lunch, and – even if for a moment – pretend you’re in some far-away place.

Work hard, play harder, right?