The Reality Of The Self-Absorbed ‘No Fucks’ World We Live In


All I look around and see is selfish, self-absorbed people and yes; I’m including myself in that.

We all want to be in trendy clothes when we go out and if our clothes aren’t trendy we “don’t give a fuck” because were just doing our thing. We want to have the newest phones because we NEED the updates and iPhone 5s are so outdated anyway, I don’t know why anyone has one, unless of course, you “don’t give a fuck.” We cancel on plans last minute because we really didn’t want to go anyway and to be honest, they were sitting at home thinking the same thing.

We don’t care about other people’s feelings, we care about our own and if it doesn’t benefit us, we won’t do it because we “don’t give a fuck.”

The only time we actually do give a fuck is when it does benefit us.

We give a fuck when Panera Bread runs out of the bread we wanted for our sandwich. We give a fuck when someone ate the leftovers in the fridge we were saving. We give a fuck when someone won’t drop us off at home, but when we have to drop them off it’s an inconvenience because it’s out of our way. We give a fuck when Netflix isn’t working because how the hell else are we supposed to entertain ourselves without thousands of hours of mindless TV and movie choices?

We only give a fuck when it interferes with our plan and our happiness.

We get mad when the person in front of us is driving slow because we left the house late on our way to work, so instead of owning up for leaving late, we automatically blame it on the grandpa in front of us who was taking a leisurely stroll. We give a shit when we had plans to go to the beach, but it rains so we curse the sky. We give a shit when we try to get away with underage drinking and get busted. We give a shit when something gets in the way of our fun, even if we weren’t supposed to be doing it in the first place.

Because no one gives a shit about anyone other than themselves anymore.

People don’t just go buy presents or do something thoughtful for their friends. People rarely go out of their way to do nice things for a stranger. Sure, there are a few people out of the giant self-obsessed pool we’re drowning in, but the majority of people aren’t about it. They’re about themselves.

People will buy Kylie Jenner lipstick instead of donating to an organization who is saving children’s lives. They have enough money to buy the newest Beyoncé CD, but not enough money to donate that extra dollar to cancer research. People don’t have time to volunteer in an animal shelter that is begging for helping hands because they’d rather sit at home and watch the Bachelor.

We are so self-absorbed with our own life and our own plans we forget to look around and realize how many other people are suffering and could just use a little help.

We turn off the Sarah McLachlan commercial because listening to “Angel” and seeing pictures of sad and abused animals is too much. We don’t like to watch things that make us sick and cringe because the pain is too much, so we pretend the problems don’t exist. We pretend people aren’t starving and there aren’t families who are living without running water. We pretend the world doesn’t have problems because we are more focused on our own problems, like Netflix being down, because that is a true crisis.

We focus so much on being the one who cares less, the one who doesn’t give a fuck, the one who doesn’t need acceptance from others that we actually stop caring about others. We stop acknowledging them as people with feelings and just start acknowledging them almost as ‘things’ with no emotion.

If we make plans but something better comes along, we call our other friend and tell them we can’t hangout anymore with some poor excuse. We just simply don’t give a fuck if they’ve been looking forward to it. Or we go and make up some bullshit excuse about how we have to go home and turn the air conditioning on so our dog doesn’t get to hot.

We don’t give a fuck, if it doesn’t make us happy, we lie and manipulate our way out of it.

No one actually gives a shit about anyone other than themselves these days. We want the most likes on our Instagram pictures because would you believe it? More likes now links the brain to feeling happier. That’s how fucked up we’ve all become. We actually let the amount of likes dictate our happiness.

I’m so tired of the selfishness that radiates off everyone. We might as well start walking around with a sign that says, “I’m so smart, I got a masters degree, my dog loves me so much, I got so drunk on the weekend I blacked out but I still got 219 likes on an Instagram picture and 205 people follow me on Snapchat. I’M SO AWESOME and everyone loves me *insert some stupid emoji to show off awesomeness*.”

Give a fuck. That’s all I’m asking. Please, just GIVE A FUCK.

Do something nice for people, donate $5 a month to an organization you like. Make yourself aware how fucked the world is and don’t turn away from it. Realize you don’t need a lot to be happy. Buy the person behind you in the drive-thru line’s coffee. Promote other people’s work.

If there is one thing I’ve realized it’s that a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle, expect spreading more light. So light another fucking candle and bring someone else up with you.

Pull your head out of your ass and do some good, give a shit about other people.

The world needs the human in you.