4 Birthday Wishes For A Transformational Year


TODAY, October 15 is my birthday (I’m a Libra Girl), and I am hoping the next year will be transformational for me. I have wished for this before, but this time I am declaring it publicly. Four of the gifts I want for my birthday are:

  1. The gift of weight loss and incredibly good health (I know, these are within my grasp and I am willing to work for them).
  2. The gift of good health and happiness for my family and friends.
  3. The gift of clarity and good will for our world political and religious leaders.
  4. The gift of peace and happiness for all others.

But I also have other less tangible things on my #BirthdayWishList:

Creativity; Imagination; Purpose; Motivation; Meaning; Empathy; Humility; Discernment, Kindness; Peace; Happiness; Joy; Zest; Compassion; Tolerance; Patience; Wisdom; Mercy; Forgiveness; Courage; Protection; Safety; Serenity; Balance; Friendship and Fun!

What if we planned a #WorldEmpathyDay, declared it October 15, 2016, and started a movement to get as many people as possible, in as many countries as possible, and in as many institutions as possible (schools, hospitals, jails, mental institutions, newspapers, , internet providers, churches, synagogues, mosques, covens, corporations, governmental entities, country clubs, social media outlets, factories, museums, movie theaters, financial institutions, skating rinks, etc.) to practice empathy towards all they come into contact with for just one day. ONE DAY!

What would change? Would anything shift in the global consciousness? Could this start a domino effect of tearing down the divisions that cause us to see and vilify and otherize anyone not like us? Would this, at least temporarily, reverse the Atomic Clock ticking towards midnight and total destruction?

Would it allow us to tap into the supposed unified consciousness that predates our physical bodies? Would it halt increasing acts of terrorism? Would we open our hearts to more love, less war, more compassion, less selfishness? Would it allow our world leaders to see solutions to problems that were heretofore hidden from their view (or their hearts), and embrace them as an antidote to the increasing warring industrial complex? Would it let us peep through the membrane between this world and the next and allow us to merge with it for just a second and glimpse infinity? Could we begin to practice the ideas that I am my brother’s keeper, I am my sister’s salvation, and that society is better when we are all better?

Well, whether or not we actually accomplish this, it is my birthday and that is what I want to fantasize about today.