The Most Effective Way To Make A Million Dollars


Everyone wants to be rich.

Maybe being rich doesn’t always equate to monetary wealth, but you’d be hard-pressed to find someone that does not want to have the option of financial freedom.

Money is a vehicle to opportunity. If you had a motor vehicle with only two seats, you wouldn’t be able to take your family anywhere. If, on the other hand, you had an SUV with 7 seats, you’re taking a lot more people to a lot more places. More seats, more choices. More money, more options.

If there’s one thing in life that doesn’t work, it’s the act of not putting in work.

The internet bombards us all the time with get-results-quick schemes, because they sell better than the truth. For example, healthy eating should be a lifelong pursuit; however, nobody is buying the program that says, “Do this for the rest of your life and in a year or two you’ll see some results.” Why do you think there is a new fad diet every week?

You see the same trend with financial systems that claim to make you an exorbitant amount of money in as little as a month.

I’m not saying there is anything inherently wrong with these campaigns; they’re just set on selling you their information with a title that screams “This will happen quickly!” And they sell well. Because why work when we can have something now? Instant gratification plagues the public these days and may be one of the biggest self-limiters in our lives.

The truth is, these programs and quick fixes rarely impact the long-term result. Sure, you may see quick results in your pursuit of your goal, but if you’re looking for the quick fix now, how will you be in 3 years? Chances are, you’ll be putting together a string of short-term results and relapses that you’ll call life.

But don’t worry, I’ll teach you how to avoid this fate and create the life you want. I’m going to give you the framework of how you can really make the amount of money you want, any time, any where, with little to no resources.

The process is so simple, you’ll be amazed at how many people avoid capitalizing on it for the pursuit of the quick fix. Here is the five step method to making a million dollars or more:

1. Know Where You Are

•Evaluate your current income and decide whether or not you are happy with the end-of-year total. You’ve probably been doing this for quite some time anyway, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

• Track your monthly spending. Document any unnecessary purchases you make and tally up the total each month. This will give you a hard number of how much money you could be saving and contributing towards your yearly income.

• After all the bills are paid and expenses deducted, how much “play” money do you have each month? Play money is any amount of money that is not planned for a future payment, expense, or fund. You can simply spend it on the things you desire.

• Evaluate your current lifestyle and determine whether or not it is conducive to your life goals (friends, family, social interactions, etc.).

• What are your beliefs about money, finances, wealth, work ethic, etc.? Will they help you get where you want or prevent you?

2. Know Where You Want to Be

• Create a vision board for your desired life. This board should contain pictures, quotes, idols, and anything else that will continuously reinforce your desires of wealth. Put this board somewhere that is clearly visible to you every day. This will serve as a daily reminder of why you are willing to put in the extra work.

• Determine how much money you would need to make each month (rough estimate) in order to attain your desired income.

• Make the pain of staying where you are greater than the pain of working your ass off to get what you want. This will remove all temptations of staying in your comfort zone and ignoring your true earning potential. This is where most people get stuck.

• Model someone successful that you greatly admire. They’ve already created the blueprint of what it takes to be successful. Utilize their principles in your daily life and begin creating your own blueprint.

3. Battle Formations- Make a Plan

• All this wishing and wanting is nothing without some sort of an actionable plan. Begin to develop new revenue strategies and tactics for your life. The internet is cesspool of invaluable information that you can access anywhere to help you develop these new strategies and tactics.

• Set an ultimate goal date; this is the day you plan to reach a major financial accomplishment (like making a million dollars or owning a fully functional batmobile).

• Develop sub-dates under the ultimate goal date in which you will accomplish smaller feats that will be continuously progressing you towards your end goal.

• Contact established people in your chosen field that will be willing to speak with you and help you on your way to financial successes. People love being the expert to someone else; take full advantage of that. Gleaning even a little information from these individuals could make major differences in your personal income.

• Block out specific times during your week to work on building your dream and commit to these times until they become habit.

4. Follow the Plan (This is the most important one)

• How many times have you had a great plan of action, followed it for three weeks, and then gave up for fear of failure, uncertainty, or discouragement? Do not give up on your plan!

• When things get tough, and they will, continue to execute as you have mapped out in your plan. That’s why you created the plan in the first place.

• Even if you miss a sub-goal, do not become discouraged. Continue working towards that final, long-term goal. Chances are, you will achieve the sub-goal anyway in pursuit of the end-goal.

• Get an accountability partner. This person is allowed to call you out on your shit if you start to make excuses and take your foot off the gas in pursuit of your goals. If you really want to up the stakes, entrust that partner with a financial commitment: write them a check for an impressive amount of money, set a date for a goal you wish to achieve, and achieve that goal on or before said date. If you don’t achieve the goal by your chosen date, they get to deposit that check. I highly advise choosing someone you trust with your money, obviously.

• Get a coach. Coaching comes in so many forms these days and, honestly, you’d have a hard time not finding a coach that will cater to your aspirations. Coaches are effective at identifying your blindspots and helping you see all angles of the current situation. Coaches have the ability to eliminate all bias and present things in black and white. Plus, we could all use a little assistance here and there.

5. Trust Yourself and Be Obsessively Persistent

• You have a great vision, you have a great attitude, you have a great mindset, and you have a great plan. Don’t let rejection or failure stop all of your hard work and dedication. No successful man or woman made it to the top without challenges.

• Life is going to be difficult at times and you will want to give up. That’s the exact moment when you will grow as a human being, as long as you don’t quit. Persevere and reap the long-term benefits.

• The longer you dedicate yourself to your goal, the easier the journey becomes. Believe in your abilities and don’t ever let anyone tell you it’s not possible, especially yourself.

And that’s it! The 5 step method to making a million dollars or more. Is it quick? Not always, but that depends on your effort. The real question you should be asking is, “Is it effective?” To which the reply is, “It will never fail.”