4 Ways To Never Forget That The Love Of Your Life Broke Your Heart


Want the man who broke your heart to live in your memory forever? Here’s how:

1. Save all forms of communication between the two of you.

Letters, texts, e-mails- keep them all. Scrapbook form is best for this. Reread them every chance you get-especially the ones that contain the word “forever.”

2. Call him when you’re feeling vulnerable and/or lonely.

Who else are you to turn to in this horrific post-break-up state? He needs to know how his actions are making you feel, regardless of it being 3:00 in the morning.

3. Stop going out with your friends.

After all, when you’re out with them it’s just a façade you’re putting on to try to prove to everyone that you haven’t been eating nothing but Doritos and watching “He’s Just Not That Into You” on repeat. Being with happy people is just a blatant reminder of how depressed you really are.

4. Let yourself go.

If you don’t have a man in your life, there’s no reason to get all dressed up. You really have no one to impress. So throw on those sweatpants, sprinkle some baby powder in that unwashed hair, and heck, why not eat everything you see. It’s not going to matter if you’re 15 pounds heavier if you’re going to be alone forever.

Or, you could toss the letters, delete the texts, stop calling him, have fun with your friends, get dolled up, and maybe, finally, move on.

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image – DeeAshley