On Behalf of Christians (An Apology)


In today’s society, being a Christian or being associated with Christianity can have a negative connotation. I have been a Christian for fourteen years. Most people who aren’t Christians don’t have a problem with Jesus Christ, but rather with the people who deem themselves Christians. Gandhi said, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” And unfortunately, this is a completely true statement. There’s only one explanation for this: people are imperfect. We misrepresent, we are flawed, and we make mistakes. Here are a few things for which I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for every time a Christian has judged you or looked down upon you.

I’m sorry for times that we have been hypocritical—preaching one thing and doing another.

I’m sorry for shoving our religion down your throat.

I’m sorry for picking and choosing which parts of the Bible we want to believe.

I’m sorry for being so intolerant of other ideas, religions, or politics.

I’m sorry for any times that we made you feel inferior or subordinate.

I’m sorry for treating Christianity as a standard that those, even non-Christians, should follow.

I’m sorry that a primary thing we are known for in America is being anti-homosexual.

I’m sorry for times that you have been made to feel like nothing more than a number.

I’m sorry for when we act threatened and over-defensive when faced with a new perspective or a different way of looking at things.

I’m sorry for using our religion to push political agendas.

I’m sorry that when we tell you about our faith it feels more like we’re trying to sell you a product.

I’m sorry for all of the horrible historical events that have been done in the name of “Christianity.” (i.e. Crusades, slavery.)

I’m sorry for our lack of humility as a religion.

I’m sorry for all the times that we have done the exact opposite of “Love thy neighbor.”

I’m sorry for times we have been too sheltered and ignorant of the current world around us.

I’m sorry for the instances in which we have blindly accepted the religion without a true understanding of it.

I’m sorry for times that we have refused to admit our wrongdoings.

I’m sorry for times that we have ignored or swept under the rug Biblical contraindications.

I’m sorry that every time you turn on the news another “Christian” is picketing a funeral, predicting the end of the world, or acting as if God specifically told them who will win the next presidential election (i.e. Pat Robertson).

I’m sorry for all of the times we have acted self-righteous or like we were better than you.

I’m sorry for times that we have voted straight-ticket Republican without knowing or caring what each candidate’s personal opinions are.

I’m sorry for allowing Christianity to misrepresent the person of Jesus Christ.

Most of all, more than anything, I’m sorry that we have failed to show you the love of Christ that we claim has been shown to us.