41 Ways To Explain Beauty That Have Nothing To Do With How Someone Looks


1. Beauty is helping someone when you weren’t asked to.

2. Beauty is being in a room of people, family or friends, who love and support you.

3. Beauty is being nude.

4. Beauty is watching a sunset on any given night.

5. Beauty is the way music can make you forget all of your thoughts.

6. Beauty is taking care of your body and feeding it properly, exercising, and also enjoying the delicious foods that you love.

7. Beauty is admitting you are wrong, because there is no need to be right about everything.

8. Beauty is being confident in yourself.

9. Beauty is laughter. Laughing until you can’t breathe.

10. Beauty is healing, both physically and mentally because most things aren’t actually broken and can be healed with a little time.

11. Beauty is love. Giving and receiving.

12. Beauty is being kind to strangers.

13. Beauty is being alone, and learning to enjoy the moments that encourage self-reflection.

14. Beauty is recognizing we are all so different, yet fundamentally, the same.

15. Beauty is being vulnerable, and sharing the deep parts of you.

16. Beauty is that feeling of watching landscape or scene in silence. No phones, no distractions, just peace.

17. Beauty is recognizing that nothing lasts forever.

18. Beauty is being intimate with someone you trust.

19. Beauty is hope, even when it seems impossible.

20. Beauty is seeing a new perspective on something you were certain about before.

21. Beauty is creativity.

22. Beauty is falling asleep and dreaming.

23. Beauty is waking up each morning and having that first moment of awareness.

24. Beauty is your thoughts and your minds capability to form your own opinions despite what others think.

25. Beauty is simply being alive and taking each breath.

26. Beauty is sticking up for the ones you love, through the good and the bad and even when you don’t want to.

27. Beauty is freedom of speech and speaking your truth.

28. Beauty is empathy.

29. Beauty is getting through something crappy and coming out stronger.

30. Beauty is that feeling when you have achieved a goal you’ve been working endlessly on.

31. Beauty is being optimistic.

32. Beauty is forgiveness. There’s no room for grudges.

33. Beauty is human touch. Hugs, kissing, shaking hands—all of it.

34. Beauty is in the youth and their ability to stay innocent and not care about the petty stuff.

35. Beauty is in the elderly and the way they share their wisdom.

36. Beauty is the way someone tells you they love you for the first time—and means it.

37. Beauty is being present, and being mindful of your current moment.

38. Beauty is all the diversity that humans have to offer.

39. Beauty is passion and working on something you care deeply about.

40. Beauty is in a smile—and how a smile is triggered.

41. Beauty is not being perfect, but loving yourself anyway.