You Are As Powerful As The Sun


The critics are well versed in their animosity of you. They will tell you that their words are meant to help you, some disguise of tough love but that’s all bullshit. There is nothing constructive about their choice in vernacular. There is nothing altruistic about people who seek to inflict self-doubt in others. There is nothing loving about keeping someone in a place of misery and refusing to allow them to break free. No, these are not caring individuals; they are cowards who will suffocate a caterpillar before it can blossom into a beautiful butterfly out of sheer envy.

Don’t let them do this to you. Don’t let the haters win.

I know it’s hard. I know it’s hard to stand on your own two feet. I know it’s hard to resist the urge to just give in. I know it’s hard and that you simply want to hide behind the covers and retreat. I know it’s hard to find conviction amidst the agony. I know it’s hard to see light when you only see darkness. I know it’s hard to exist when you have been the punching bag for everyone including the ones who claimed to love you. I know it’s hard to learn to trust people again. I know it’s hard to take the first step towards recovery when all you’ve ever known is the misery of pain.

But I ask of you to have faith. Have faith in yourself. Have faith that you are capable of your own salvation. Have faith that you are worthy of healing.

This is the journey you begin today. This is the journey of you, of your self-discovery and self-love. This is the journey you embark on; this is your infliction point of change. You have tasted the sour bitterness of betrayal and setback. You know firsthand how bad life can be but now you will experience the opposite spectrum. From this day forward, you will only know the sweetness of your boundless potential. You are limitless in all that you can and will achieve. You are the embodiment of hope, of someone who has overcome the impossible. You are as powerful as the sun, an unyielding source of vitality and strength.