45 Of The Most Underrated Feelings In The Entire World


1. When you’re running super late for work, but you still somehow manage to get there before your boss, so it doesn’t even matter.

2. The moment when you’ve had to pee all night, so you finally get up and do it and then you get to crawl back into your bed.

3. Taking off your bra after a long day.

4. …or taking off someone else’s bra after a long day.

5. When your plane lands safely on the runway and you can let out a sigh of relief because you’re back on the ground.

6. Towel drying your hair or putting it up right after you got out of the shower, so that you can enjoy feeling refreshed and clean without your hair dripping all over you.

7. When you’re thinking about someone and then they text you in that same moment.

8. Waking up after a night of drinking and realizing you’re not as hungover as you feared that you were going to be.

9. When you have plans with someone and you really don’t feel like going, and then they text you and cancel.

10. Finally getting that thing out of your eye that’s been irritating you for the last half hour.

11. Having the “falling dream” when you’re in a deep sleep and then waking up and realizing you’re safe.

12. When you can’t play your music when you’re running errands, because you don’t have the right equipment, but then your favorite song comes on the radio.

13. Opening your fridge after you went shopping the day before.

14. When you accidentally leave the shades up, so you wake up with the sun shining on your face.

15. Unexpectedly experiencing a pleasant scent you haven’t come across in a long time, especially if it’s one that reminds you of your childhood.

16. When someone starts playing with your hair. Also known as: a hand job for women.

17. Hearing someone laugh to the point that it makes you laugh just by listening to them.

18. Feeling your heart rate come back down to normal after you ran to catch a bus or a train or a plane and you get to sit down in your seat and relax.

19. Changing the clocks ahead one hour in the spring and knowing that those super short, dark days are over for the time being.

20. When there’s something you needed to get done that you really didn’t feel like doing, but you did it anyway and now you get to cross it off your list.

21. The rush of relief you feel after you throw up from a bad stomach bug or hangover. So gross, and yet so much relief.

22. When you’re in public and you remember something funny and you can’t help but start laughing to yourself.

23. Discovering a new song you’re obsessed with and playing it over and over and over.

24. Opening your underwear drawer and remembering that you have a bunch of different options because you just did your laundry.

25. Watching something on tv and remembering you can fast forward through the commercials because you recorded it.

26. When your boss asks you a question and you’re actually prepared with an answer and don’t sound like an idiot.

27. Thinking you forgot to bring something important and then finding it in your bag after a brief moment of panic.

28. When you’re sleeping next to your significant other or friend or sibling and they start laughing and smiling in their sleep.

29. Seeing someone familiar when you’ve just moved to a new city.

30. When you put on a song at a party and it seems to be the exact song that every other person at this party wanted to hear in this moment.

31. Pouring a cold beer into a frosty mug.

32. When you find out something really exciting, but you’re by yourself, so you kind of just make a tiny little squeal or flap your arms around.

33. Going to sleep in your own bed after you’ve been out of town.

34. Taking a sick day from work when you’re not really sick.

35. Walking down a pretty street in the springtime when everything is blooming.

36. When you wake up and think it’s time for work but then you realize it’s only three in the morning and you can go back to sleep.

37. Taking off your wet socks after coming in from the rain or snow.

38. Sitting down on the couch or taking a nice, slow walk after you just had a really good workout.

39. Climbing into your bed after you washed your sheets and everything smells like fresh linen.

40. Finding a crumpled twenty dollar bill in that jacket you haven’t worn in months.

41. Getting something in the mail that’s not a bill or someone trying to sell you car insurance.

42. Walking into work on the day before your vacation starts.

43. Being in a social situation with a bunch of different people that you love being around.

44. When you couldn’t decide between several different meals at the restaurant and then your food comes and you feel like you made the right choice after taking just one bite.

45. Drinking a glass of wine at the airport bar, while you’re waiting for the trip you’ve been counting down to for months.