5 Common Misconceptions About Running


1. It is easy

Wow, if you think it is as easy as lacing up and heading out, you got a thing coming! Even after weeks of training, my lungs cry out for help every time I go running. And yes, even if I run a short, usual-for-me run on a favorite route.

2. You will look cool

Actually, you will probably have bright red face, and a weird posture. It may even resemble being dragged behind a carriage. Ugh. Not pretty.

3. You will be fast

All those running bloggers clocking way under 2:00 half marathons and 4:00 marathons, qualifying for Boston left and right? How hard can it be? Well, very. An 8 minute mile doesn’t sound too crazy, but when you check your watch and it is a whole 50 %+ slower than that… Snail wearing sneakers, that’s what you likely are.

4. You will lose weight

When you start any strenuous exercise regime, your appetite will go through the roof. Hence, the peanut butter consumption will not be diminishing. And what about the pizza on Saturday? You’ve earned it, right, after slogging out those miles in the a.m.? Never mind your 3-miler at above-mentioned crawl probably only used up 300 calories, and that pizza is 1,500 cals +. Your scales will thank you. Not.

5. You will be looked up on by others

When you cancel Friday night out again for resting to be fresh for your long run? When you turn up red-faced after sweating like a pig on the trails? When you eat anything and everything in the pantry before your spouse comes home from work? When dirty workout clothes overtake your home? Think again. Then realize, you’re not supposed to care what others think and keep going. It grows the character, which you will need when you hit to wall in your next race.