45 Signs That You Are Truly An INFP At Heart


1. You spend most of the time day dreaming rather than being in the reality.

2. You have a special artist that speaks your soul.

3. You have a weird taste in choosing a song that you really love.

4. You listen more than you speak.

5. You’re a hopeless romantic.

6. You are fond of literature.

7. You have a talent for storytelling.

8. Your new friends don’t expect that you can be the silliest and funniest person.

9. You’re kind to a fault.  Criticism hits you hard and makes your vulnerable heart feel betrayed.

10. If you’re an INFP guy, your feminine side is always in touch.

11. You have great metaphors in your head for explaining what life is.

12. You change your perspective from time to time about life.

13. Whatever happens, your loyalty to a friend is limitless.

14. Your ideals in life become helpful in giving inspirational speeches and pep talks.

15. You have a certain personality that differs when you’re going out in public versus being at home.

16. Even when depressed you still can be that one optimistic person everyone sees.

17. You wish to travel the world someday to make you grow as a person and learn a meaningful lesson about life.

18. You love watching movies that are deeply moving and inspirational.

19. You love feelings, but “dramatic” people, are just not for you.

20. You are clumsy and often time you stub your toes, break something, and forgot your belongings.

21. You believe that being in a relationship a person should be physically, mentally, and emotionally ready. That’s why you prefer to be in a relationship during 20s and 30s. Securing your family first, then yourself.

22. You have an inner wisdom you channel when facing life decisions.

23. You act on your emotions.

24. You see the good in everyone.

25. You really love animals.

26. You don’t worry about trends or what’s “in” you just do what you like.

27. You are a sentimental person.

28. There is a bird flying in the sky. Other MBTI personalities don’t even care. What you actually see is freedom, peace, and serenity. You see things with a certain meaning.

29. Your family knows your eccentric side, and they love your quirks.

30. If you’re dedicated to something nothing can stop you.

31. Watching your favorite TV series is everything to you.

32. You never lose hope when facing struggles. Positivity will always be by your side.

33. You always ask your friends about their lives but only 1 out of 5 asks how about yours.

34. You look for things that help you express yourself.

35. You love having your hard work acknowledged.

36. Being an INFP is beautiful yet can be stressful. Sometimes you question your identity/purpose.

37. The Perks of Being a Wallflower speaks to your soul.

38. You wish that you had been born in a different time.

39. Ed Sheeran is your emotional support.

40. Anxiety is super familiar to you, but you don’t think it’s the end of the world.

41. You also really relate to Amelie.

42. You’d rather have some incredibly close friends than feel like you need the label of “best” friend on someone.

43. You are one of those people who can pick up right where you left off with people.

44. Logical people always challenge your virtues and ideals.

45. You know how unique you are in this universe.