Fall In Love With Someone Who Feels Like Coming Home


I never believed in religion until I met you. Never believed in God until I found him tucked within your fingertips. I never thought my dreams would ever sleep beside me, but now I sleep beside them. See, your smile is addicting, like a drug I’ll never come down from. I want to do everything in the world with you.

Do you want to go to Paris? Honolulu? Sydney? Because if you said you did, I wouldn’t think twice about buying a ticket tonight, I wouldn’t think twice about leaving it all behind because you are what I want to move forward with. Only you.

You. With your five letter name that takes up so much room in my life. You, the one who washed the past from my eyes. Before you I only saw beauty, but now I see divinity. Before you I only ever felt relief, but now I know the cure. Before you I knew pleasure, but you showed me joy.

You. The one who showed me that I did not have to hold the weight of the world inside of me anymore. You, the one who helped me to realize that true love needs no introduction — it always feels like coming home. You, the one who saved me from this generational fear; the one who made me realize that love does not always have to be sadness, does not always have to be timid and closed off. You, the one who showed me that love does not always have to be lonely.

You. Simply, you, wonderful you. The beginning and the end of everything. I love you. I don’t care about anything now except making you happy. I have no doubts, no reservations. Ask me if I finally believe in the existence of hope, the existence of beauty, between two human beings and I will say yes. I will scream it. I will kiss my answer to your lips. Because it does exist if you don’t settle. It does exist if you keep waiting for the person who makes you feel like you are dreaming with your eyes open. You taught me that.