These 5 Real-Life Examples Prove Netflix’s ‘Extinction’ Is The Preview Of Humanity’s Downfall


Contains Spoilers.

At first glance, Netflix’s movie, Extinction, was about an alien takeover. However, halfway through the movie, the truth of the attack is uncovered, throwing the citizens and their viewers for a loop. The so-called “aliens” were actually humans dressed up in suits to protect themselves. Meanwhile, the “people” they were attacking were members of a colony of life-like robots that had run humans off the Earth years earlier in a war. In this world, robots had taken over, and humans were living on Mars. This plot twist left viewers in shock but on second thought, how far off from reality is this? Here are 5 real-life examples to show that maybe the story-line of Extinction isn’t as far-fetched as we’d hoped.

1. Sophia, The Robot

This robot is designed to look and live like a human. She expresses emotions through her words and facial expressions. Her looks are incredibly similar to ours with her life-like skin, proportionate facial features, and unique smile. Sophia was created by Hanson Electronics to be a ‘social robot’ that can grow to become a companion for children or the elderly while helping to assist them with their daily needs. While all of that is eye-catching, the real reason why she makes this list is because she is a confirmed CITIZEN of Saudi Arabia. The first humanoid robot to receive this distinction, Sophia paves the path that is our future of being citizens alongside robots.

2. Organic Matter Discovered on Mars

The Mars Curiosity Rover discovered traces of organic matter in Mar’s Gale Crater that proves that Mars was habitable about 3.5 billion years ago. Organic molecules found by the rover appear to be incredibly similar to the building blocks of oil and gas. Not to mention, traces of methane were discovered which is crucial because methane stems from biological sources. If it was habitable then, could it be now? Is it the next frontier for us?

3. Microchip Implants

Some companies today are encouraging their employees to embed microchips into their hands. In Sweden, more than 4,000 people have had this procedure done to provide them with easy access to their homes, gyms, workplace, etc. It also has the power to hold your emergency contact information and with time, will be used as a method for payment in grocery stores, restaurants, and other businesses. No, this one isn’t about robots or us living on Mars, but it does show that the human race and technology are becoming more intimately intertwined day by day.

4. Human Marries a Robot

In the movie Extinction, viewers discover that Peter and Alice’s daughters were originally the children of humans that presumably couldn’t have children. For one man in China, a robot provided him with a similar opportunity. Artificial Intelligence engineer, Zheng Jiajia, decided that after his failed attempts at love, he was going to marry a robot he created named YingYing. He proceeded with the idea and hosted a wedding with friends and family that included all the traditional customs of a Chinese wedding. Maybe robots are the next ways to fill our voids. Whether that be with children like in the movie or romantically as we see here, robots are already starting to fill in the gaps we feel our lives are missing.

5. Brain Wave Sensing Robots

These robots are operated by our own thoughts and muscle movements. By putting on an EEG cap to track our brain signals and EMG electrodes to track our muscle movements, this robot becomes an extension of our body. The developers believe that one day this technology could help in training helper robots for we wouldn’t have to speak to direct them, they would simply read what we’re thinking and act on it.

In the end, Extinction, made their point that may be an invasion is in our midst. Not with aliens, but with technology. Will what we create drive us out of our own planet? Are we one step closer to colonizing Mars? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.