5 Reasons Why Being The Nice Girl Just Plain Sucks


At times, being the nice girl may work in your favor, but not when your co-workers are talking s*** behind your back and you haven’t a clue how to stick up for yourself. Sure, some may say “kill them with kindness.” While that could be the case in some instances, it won’t get you anywhere with others who have no soul.

Let’s put it this way: More than likely, others will view you as weak and you’ll be a main target. When you so sweetly offer a nice gesture, they will always accept it and see how far you can be pushed.

1. People take advantage of you.

As the nice girl, you work your ass off to get others to like you because you cannot stand the fact that anyone hates you. So you go out of your way to do favors for others but get absolutely nothing in return. No one ever offers to pick up some lunch for you or maybe your dry cleaning. You try to try your damnedest, but in the end people just take advantage of you.

2. You don’t know how to deal with confrontation.

More than likely, you never go out of your way to pick a fight with anyone because you cannot deal with confrontation. Most nice girls don’t have a mean bone in their body and wouldn’t confront someone head on. If Susie is talking about you, instead of going right to her, you may cower behind your desk and wait for her to shut her trap. Confrontation just plain sucks.

3. Some people hate nice girls.

If you’re the nice girl, you constantly push people into liking you by asking them if they need anything. After a while, people tend to get turned off by it and start to question how someone can be that nice. Well, if it’s in your nature to just be plain nice and polite, why should others have an issue with it? You aren’t harming them; in fact, you’re helping them. Why can’t we all get along?

4. It’s difficult to get ahead at work.

Whenever your boss asks you to perform a task, you do it! But if they do not provide you with a higher salary, you won’t question it. The thing is, nice girls are afraid to ask certain questions. They hate feeling uncomfortable—as most people do—so they won’t speak up and demand more money. Even though your boss has given you a more significant amount of work, you won’t ask.

5. You’re a small fish in a big pond.

At work, you stay with a certain group of people you’re most comfortable with. Most nice gals don’t step outside of their comfort zone due to fear. You stay with two to three people and refuse to venture out into a larger group because nice girls always stick to their own kind.