6 Reasons Why Having Siblings Rocks!


If you’ve never had a sibling, you don’t know how to feels to have someone there when your parents get into a heated argument. There’s no one around to help coach you when a bully is messing with you or when you just need your big sis to assist with showing you how to do your hair.

Sure, your folks are around, but do you really want mom invading your space when you like a boy at work? You want to seek advice from your older sister to assist you with getting Trevor to notice you!

1) You always have someone to hang with!

Since you are connected through blood, you have an understandable love for one another. The bond between brother and sister and sister to sister is unlike any other relationship you have in life. While you have friends, there’s still nothing like having a brother or sister by your side!

2) You have someone to share clothes with and steal her style!

Your middle school years are the most complicated, so having an older sister with an incredible wardrobe helps! She has the most up-to-date clothes and she’ll never know if you steal her plaid sweater because she has piles and piles of clothes! Shhhhh

3) You don’t have to explain why you got home so late.

Do you really think your siblings are going to care about your late-night booty call? They don’t care and won’t disclose this information with your parents because well, they got your back!

4) You don’t have to attend family gatherings solo.

Since you have siblings, you don’t have to be the center of attention at Aunt Ree-Ree’s because well your brother and sister will have to endure the same conversation. Ugh. In this case, going to family get-togethers, you’ll need your sibling more so than usual! How many times can you sit and hear the same story?

5) When you’re scared to tell mom and dad something, they’ll be there to soften the blow.

No need to worry! When it comes to divulging huge secrets, your siblings will be there to make it less s****y. They’ll cover for you and tell a secret of theirs first so your parents don’t ground you for the rest of time!

6) They will never ever stop loving you!

You and your siblings have a bond that will live on for centuries! They will love you no matter what and won’t judge you too harshly. Isn’t it just grand to have siblings?