5 Reasons Why College Friends Are For Keeps


College friends were like the siblings you never had. They have seen you through your highs and lows all throughout your college life. Believe me; college life wouldn’t be bearable without them. They are not just friends that you meet in college and go separate ways after graduating. They are your cup of coffee in the morning, your umbrella when it’s raining and your 5-minute cigarette break when you can’t handle all the stress.

1. They know everything about you.
By everything, I mean they know the tiniest things about you. They know that you don’t like to eat fish and anything with avocado. They know that you loathe the girl that’s in your Theology class and they know every guy you dated back in college. You have invested trust in them that you tell them every thoughts and feelings that’s been bothering you because you find comfort in them and you know that they will always have the same feeling.

2. They will support you in whatever decision you make in life.
They are a huge support system that will always tap your shoulder and point you in the right direction when you’re lost and reaching for a hand when you’re about to fall. They will support your decision no matter how stupid it is. They know what will make you happy and they know your capabilities as an independent person. But when the universe decides to destroy you, you can always run back to them and tell them that they were right.

3. They are low-maintenance when it comes to friendship.
It doesn’t matter if you guys didn’t talk for weeks or months. You’ll always have this connection or bond that will never be broken by distance. In fact, when you’re not with your college friends, you guys are just waiting for the right moment to have a quality time and catch up.

4. They always know what to say.
They can give you advice in the most unpleasant way. They will tell you the words that you need to hear even if it makes you crash and burn into ashes because they have to and they know your worth. Their words are not just words; their thoughts are not just thoughts. They are words, thoughts and a hug at the same time.

5. They will never ever judge you!
Whatever mistake you make in your life, it won’t matter to them because they know that you’re more than your mistakes. No matter how stubborn you get and how you slap them with your mood swings, they will always find a place in their hearts to understand you. Remember, true friends don’t judge each other, they judge others together. Kidding!