This Is What I Need From The One Who Loves Me Next


You don’t need to always take me out to dinner; we can take out Buffalo wings, shrimp pasta, and a tub of ice cream. We can stay at home watching movies or your favorite TV shows. You don’t have to buy me flowers and chocolates to make me feel special, you just have to hug me and make me feel that I don’t want this fleeting moment to last. You don’t have to post pictures of me on your social media accounts but please make sure that you’re not keeping me and our relationship a secret. You can go out whenever you want, just don’t forget to text or call me at the end of the day and you can talk to whoever you want because I don’t mind but I will if you try to keep it from me.

I laugh at almost everything, you don’t need a lot of effort to make me laugh; I’m very shallow. I hope you have a handful of patience because I cause a lot of annoyance and trouble. I hope you find my chubby cheeks cute so I won’t get shy when I unveil my biggest smile and I hope you would always pinch them because that’s one indirect way of telling me that you appreciate me. I hope you don’t mind if I wear short shorts all the time because I really hate wearing pants and I hope you can keep up with my clinginess because I’m a hugger.

I have guy friends so I need you to trust me when I say they are only my friends. I want you to be tolerant with me when it’s my time of the month and when I’m having a bad day. Please don’t shout at me when you’re mad because I’m very sensitive, I’m a crybaby, but I’m not a drama queen who’s always going to put up a fight and I hope you don’t get annoyed if I become very picky on what to eat and if I didn’t finish my meal.

Life is supposed to be tricky and hard but I hope this time life won’t get in our way to destroy us. It is not easy to maintain a strong relationship but I hope we will always find ways to reconcile and swallow the pride before it eats away at us. There will be a lot of challenges that can be thrown to us, you will meet prettier and hotter girls but I hope you will ignore them because for you I am enough.

I won’t change what I am today but I will try to meet your expectations.

I may not be the perfect one for you but I promise that I will always try to be.