5 Reasons Why Women Should Receive Special Treatment


All things being equal, men still have it better. Way better. So, I believe women should have the same rights as men in the workplace, in academic settings, and in the general sense. I especially believe women should have the right to their bodies. But I think we deserve a little bit more empathy, compassion, and – yup – chivalry from the men in our lives. There are many things you will never truly understand about us, and you should certainly be thankful for that. Here are 5 reasons why women should receive special treatment.

That not-so-little biological process that plagues us every month.

The kind of gut-wrenching (literally) pain that the more unfortunate of us have to go through during our period is the reason why I have often wished that I was born a boy. Please don’t brush off our pain like we’re being dramatic. Try to understand, don’t intentionally irritate us (PMS is very real, especially during those first couple of days), and maybe give us a hug.

The pain of contraception.

Maybe sex studies have advanced enough to prove that women can enjoy sex just as much as men, but until a male contraceptive pill becomes common, we are still, in a sense, paying the price for male sexual fulfillment. As a 14-year-old struggling with acne and menstrual cramps, I once begged my mom to put me on the pill, which I’d read could regulate my hormones and help with those problems. My mother, a physician, adamantly refused, listing the countless negative side effects associated with birth control pills. I was immediately turned off by the idea.

Sexual responsibilities.

Speaking of contraception, no method of birth control is 100% effective. So while males are walking away from pre-marital sex post-orgasm consequence-free, women are constantly faced with the possibility of pregnancy. And if pregnant, then what? Raise an unplanned child alone? Get an abortion? Again, more harm to our health.

Women are just more complicated.

I don’t want to speak for all men and women, but I feel that for the most part, women just have more crap going on, which, to me, is annoying but sadly necessary. Many women have to deal with things like applying and removing makeup every day, purses, outfits, long hair (such a pain to maintain), perfume, high heels (back problems, ugh, but they’re just so cute), the list just goes on for an eternity. Men have it so easy; they can appear equally as put together as women typically in half the time or less.

Men are simply stronger and more fit.

If there’s any basis to my parents’ advice for my college journey, then men’s physical superiority could also lead to them surpassing women in intellectual and professional achievements (assuming equal intelligence, circumstances, and effort put forth). And even if that’s BS, I will never beat my boyfriend at arm-wrestling, and that by itself is reason enough for him to show a little more love.