5 Reasons You Should Date A Nice Guy


We all know the phrase, “Nice guys finish last,” some maybe a little too well. However, in my experience, I don’t see nice guys finishing last. I see them finishing closer to first. Or at least in the top 10. See, I like nice guys. Given the choice between a “nice guy” and a “bad boy” type, I’d choose the nice guy any day. Here’s why.

All the small things

Nice guys know all the small things count. Whether they’re scraping ice off your car in the winter or sending you a Valentine’s Day card in the mail, nice guys know those little things are worthwhile. I don’t mention this because I love Hallmark Holidays, or because I can’t do various forms of manual labor myself. I mention it because the act of simply doing the “little things” is so attractive. Scraping your car in a cold Chicago winter just blows. If someone does that for you without even asking, it’s especially sweet and worth a whole lot more than the two minutes it takes to do it.

Nice guys will tell you you’re pretty

I’m a human being. I want to be told I’m attractive once in a while — especially if it took me an hour to get ready. A nice guy, I believe, will do this. A nice guy will tell you that you look nice and maybe even notice your new dress, haircut or etc. And frankly, it’s important, because I doubt anyone puts in the extra effort for nothing. We want to impress our date just as much as we hope they want to impress us. In my experience, nice guys usually take notice, and I appreciate that.

A nice guy will make you want to introduce him to friends and family

A guy you can introduce to friends and family is important. (That is, if you get along with your family). I don’t like dating people I feel like I’d be uncomfortable introducing to this group of people. They want the best for you. They don’t want to see you wasting time with someone who treats you poorly, or even neutrally. They want to see you with someone who thinks you are the #beesknees, and a nice guy will think you are the Bee’s Knees, and hopefully more.

A nice guy will add to, not subtract from, your life

It’s simple math, but when you date someone, the sum of your interactions should only be positive. This person should make you happier, not the opposite. They should make you feel like you really are as great and fantastic as they think you are, at least initially anyway. They should make you want to be a better person and all that jazz.

Nice guys are nice to other guys… and people in general too

A guy that’s nice to you, but not other people, is not a nice guy. They’re called a “douche bag”. Dating someone who’s only pleasant towards you and not others isn’t a good sign. They’re probably not being very sincere, and probably kind of a big jerk. Think about the person you’re seriously dating as a reflection of yourself — because they eventually will be, if you date long enough.

Obviously, I like a good ol’ fashioned Nice Guy. However, there’s always that find line between “nice guy” and “huge dweeb”. Unlike dweebs, though, nice guys are genuinely considerate and thoughtful without letting people walk all over them. And it’s because of these qualities that they won’t finish last. They’ll end up with a gal (or guy) equal in character and deserving of them.