5 Signs You Still Have Feelings For Him


1) You lose track of time from falling into a constant state of daydreams.

Five minutes has gone by? What just happened? Oh, you were thinking about him, AGAIN. It happens. A lot more than it should. Then you wonder, does he think of you as much as you think of him? You know you have a wild imagination when you keep ‘waking up’ from daydreaming, and realize that a good bit of your day has been spent subconsciously thinking what if? What if this were to happen? What if you ran into him here or there? What if he were to come to your window tonight, playing guitar and singing a song he wrote specifically for you? Sure that doesn’t happen very often, if at all (outside of movies). But your wild imagination only drives you more insane. Even though your daydreams are pleasurable, the reality of your relationship isn’t. But are you willing to change that? Could it be changed? Should you just move on? Your emotions and thoughts are pulling you back and forth, metaphorically giving you whiplash.

2) You find yourself making special trips to the coffee shop to ‘bump into’ him.

This is YOUR coffee shop; you go there every Tuesday and Thursday. You decide to (just this once) get coffee on Wednesday and there he his, automatically causing a heart-wrenching butterfly sensation throughout your body. Why is he in YOUR coffee shop? After this distressful encounter, you find yourself wanting coffee on Wednesday afternoons as well. How strange is that? But, it’s not too objectionable to veer from your usual. He may not even frequent on Wednesday, but hey, you might as well find out. If not, you can go back to your usual; Tuesdays and Thursdays were pleasant.

3) Going to HIS favorite bar on the weekend.

Perfect, a girls night out! An excuse to hit a few bars… including his favorite one! Maybe he won’t be there, no matter how much you may daydream about it, but you can still have fun with your friends as planned. Maybe he will be there — there’s no reason not to casually ‘bump into’ him if so, possibly even have a simple conversation to see if anything new is going on in his life. But first, before all else, you have to make sure you’re looking your best! You know, just in case! A girl can’t go out, none-the-less see this certain ‘someone,’ without the perfect outfit to boost her confidence – and make him look twice!

4) You find yourself bringing up his name in conversations more often than you should.

Who doesn’t love talking about something that excites or irks them? Especially when it may be on your mind 24/7, whether it be good or bad. We all just want to get it off our chest. We usually don’t even notice how much we may talk about them or bring them up in conversations, but it happens.

5) As much as you try to HATE him, you just can’t.

Maybe you two have been through hell and back, or maybe you were together for a month and he ended things. Whatever the situation may be – every gut feeling you have says, “I deserve better than him.” But does this stop you from caring for him? Not at all. It does make you think twice, however, who do you listen to – your heart or your brain? That’s the question we all want answers to. Even your friends may tell you he’s not good for you and you should move on. Friends always have your best interests in mind, so shouldn’t you listen to them? You just can’t! You can sort out other people’s frustrations and problems but when it comes to your own, your problem-solving skills are blinded by your re-occurring butterflies and hopeless uncontrollable daydreams of some man with a witty-attitude and adorable smirk.