7 Confident And Sexy Things All Girls Can Do To Shed Their ‘Good Girl Syndrome’


Sometimes we treat sex as our biggest enemy when in fact it’s the gateway to the biggest discoveries.

All too often, I see women anchored down by what I refer to as “Good Girl Syndrome.” They’re unable to talk about what they want in bed. They’re uncomfortable being touched. They’re afraid of the taboo rather than embracing it.

Beliefs like this are so incredibly limiting. Breaking out of your “good girl” box doesn’t have to feel dirty or shameful … it’s liberating! Sometimes it can even be a huge relief. Bonus: You’ll feel sexier than EVER.

If you need a little bit of an extra push or want to put yourself on the path to healing but don’t know where to start, there are seven secrets you need to know.

1. Understand your own sex appeal.

“Sex appeal” is communicating confidence in who you are and your unique attractiveness. This gives you the freedom to pursue without expecting anything in return. Confidence starts from within and is extremely sexy!

2. Know the qualities men are looking for.

Women who communicate openly, take the initiative, are adventurous and affectionate are just some of the qualities men look for in a woman.

But if you really look at it, these are great qualities to have regardless if you’re vying for a man’s affections. Take the opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and be the best version of you.

3. You hold the keys to your own sexual liberation.

Kick your inhibitions to the curb by reversing the effects of the “Good Girl Syndrome” and releasing feelings of guilt, shame, judgment and insecurity.

Not only will you save yourself a lot of heartache and drama, you open yourself up to experience the goodness life has to offer.

4. You have a secret inner bad girl … bring her out!

A “bad girl” is a woman who’s bold, brave and authentic. She’s sexually confident, physically uninhibited, assertive and unashamed — fully integrated in body, mind and heart.

She can rock the art of seduction making herself simply irresistible. Embrace your boldness, be brave, love your authenticity. Work it like a diva!

5. Create your sassy and sensual alter ego.

When you’re able to step out of your “everyday” personality, you’re able to step into a sexy version of YOU that is confident.

Think of a sexy and seductive woman. What does she look like? How does she dress? How does she behave?

Now put your face on this sensual woman. She is a side of you that’s been hiding for too long. Now you’re allowing her to come out and play.

6. Turn your inhibitions into exhibitions.

Be a lady in public, but a freak in the bed! Turning up the heat between the sheets will drive your man wild.

Not only will you have more fun, he will worship the liberated woman you are. Start by educating yourself and increase your sexual skills; this is key in embracing your sexy self-confidence.

7. You’re the CEO … Chief Erotic Officer.

This is when you bring it all together and accept your role as the Mistress of all things sensual. With genuine confidence and pride, you now share your gift. YOU are empowered and YOU now claim a life filled with juicy love.

This post originally appeared at YourTango.