5 Signs Your Long Distance Relationship Is Worth The Extra Effort


I’m sure many many of us in long distance relationships wonder whether this is worth the investment of our time, emotions, or energy. So I have come up with a list of five things to act as a guideline to help gauge whether or not it is in fact worth it and if they are indeed a keeper (or not. Yikes).

1. Time difference has no hold on the relationship. Not that much at least.

So yes. With distance, there is almost always that added bonus of a time difference. But, the person you’re dating thinks that staying up till godforsaken hours is worth it just to hear your silly story about how you encountered a smelly man while queuing up at McDonalds. It’s day time for you. You’ve had a good rest while they’ve been up for more than 24 hours and are fighting sleep just to talk to you for a while or to see your face on Skype or FaceTime.

This might not be the smartest move on their side, but they’re going to do it anyway. Let’s not be logical and revel in how sweet it actually is. And remember not to encourage them to do this frequently. You may be the death of your significant other.

2. You’re treated right yesterday, today, tomorrow and on your birthday.

Yay! It’s your birthday but bummer, they’re not here to spend it with you. But somehow despite that, they still make sure you’re treated like you ought to be (which is to say, well) on your birthday. You get a huge bouquet of flowers, cake, and maybe even a color pencil set thrown in (for good measure). Even when it’s not your birthday, they still find ways to surprise you with gestures that leave you in no doubt that they love you.

3. The people in their everyday life know who you are.

And not in a creepy way too. This most probably means that they’re not ashamed of you and talk about you. This also most probably means that you both Skype frequently. So all is good. However if their housemates get creepy, maybe it’s time to ask them to move out.

4. They share their world with you.

Even if they’re just going grocery shopping or to Frisbee practice, you always know and you get pictures and videos of the town and city they’re in. They show you the baking utensils aisle because they know you like to bake, or shows you that cozy blanket they’re going to buy because their blanket is now better than yours.

5. They’re reachable anytime.

Not in a needy way but if you are freaking out over that test or presentation or job interview tomorrow, they are going to be there to calm you down and maybe throw in a stupid comment or two (or 10). Bottom-line is, they’re your best friend.

I’m not saying that they’re perfect if they are all this, or that they don’t make the cut if they don’t meet all the five requirements above. You would know that they’re a keeper if they are. You wouldn’t have a hard time being convinced they are so; and fighting for the relationship isn’t as grueling because they’re worth it. If you are dating a keeper, keep them and don’t ever find reasons to let go.

featured image – Hillary Boles