This Is Why Deleting Facebook Is The Best Decision You’ll Ever Make


1. Facebook is stealing our time, money, and precious mobile data.

I’m not too good with data and algorithms, so I won’t try and bore you with the stats and figures but why on earth is Facebook buying like, everything!? There’s Instagram which once upon a time I used to love and then there’s WhatsApp. They’re spreading and want to rule the world! What are they doing with all our data!? Figure that one. And when you do, let me know too.

2. No FB = no stalkers.

Your ex, your enemy or the weirdo you met on a night out. Whatever and whoever they are, they won’t be able to check you out any longer and you’ll feel at peace. Those pre-Facebook feels will really kick in.

3. Those weird pokes will stop.

I remember before I got rid of Facebook last year, people still used to poked me. Random guys would poke me. Why? It’s weird and it reminds me of my teenage years back in 2007 when I would actually play poke wars with my mates. How embarrassing.

4. Invites to events that you have no affiliation with whatsoever will cease to exist.

That speaks for itself.

5. ‘Checking in’ is no longer cool.

Sure checking into places was popular when it first came out. It still is for many people, but again, if we bring ourselves back to reality for just a second, we’ll understand that people on our Facebook aren’t all our friends and family. They could be strangers. So unless you’ve got a fully secured Facebook profile (which you don’t) I fail to see why you’d want random people knowing where you are and what you’re doing in real time.

6. Facebook is for now for our parents’ generation.

Yep, FB is the place to be for the oldies. I see more mums posting stuff and glued to their phones then the youth of today. Yikes.

7. Let’s be honest. You’re not just connecting with friends and family.

I used to be that person who would tell people that I only use Facebook to connect with friends and family. Yet I didn’t speak to 95% of the people on my Facebook. Most people don’t. You probably don’t know the majority of your so called Facebook friends either, so why bother putting your life story on there? You wouldn’t tell the guy next to you in McDonalds your personal stuff…so why is it any different on Facebook? Think about that one for a second.

8. You will now have a stress-free life.

The moment you delete Facebook you’re going to feel a bit weird. A bit detached from the world (that’s just what your mind thinks). But after a while, it’s going to feel good. Like the best feeling ever. No care in the world for what people are saying or doing. No one trying to sell you a phone or a car or any other kind of product. It’s just bliss. Trust me.

9. It’s just not what it used to be.

FB isn’t really for connecting with friends and fam anymore. (We can do that through other platforms, or via text.) Facebook is now used to stalk and check on people, to be nosy and to just show off to people you don’t even like. Isn’t that just a tad toxic?