5 Things Skinny Girls Despise Hearing


Slim women get a bad reputation for no reason. Many people believe that telling a skinny girl something negative about her weight is going to help her and not scar her; yet, these people are completely forgetting that commenting negatively on a slim person’s weight is just as bad as commenting on a heavy person’s weight. Not every thin woman out there is begging for you to tell her positive things about her body to boost her confidence — some of us are secure in who we are.

Believe it or not, some of us skinny girls were once quite heavy and have lost all the weight in a healthy way. A random person is NOT going to knock us for being slim when we busted our ass trying to lose weight, no sir, not going to happen. You don’t know every skinny girl’s story. Not all of us were born naturally small. Instead of opening your mouth and spewing hate on us women who lost weight, why not be proud that we’re finally slim and secure with our bodies?

Skinny-shaming needs to stop. Let’s start by reading a few negative statements that (some) people sometimes likes to throw at skinny women, and then think twice before we say these statements in public:

1.“I don’t know why you go to the gym. You’re already thin.”

The most obnoxious misconception people have about thin women is that we are always trying to become thinner. Unfortunately people don’t understand that this statement is subtly hinting that a thin woman who exercises is doing so because she has anorexia or bulimia and can’t stand to have an ounce of fat on her. Not every thin woman works out to lose weight, some exercise because it’s healthy for your mind, body and soul.

2.“You have a beautiful face, but you would be even more attractive if you had curves. Eat more.”

Separating someone’s facial beauty from their body attractiveness does not do anyone any good. You may not realize it, but you are making a thin woman feel as though she will always be just below average because her body will never be up to your ridiculous standards. Conversely, this is actually the same as telling a heavy woman that she has a gorgeous face but would even more beautiful if only she would lost weight.

3.“REAL men like curves, only dogs go for bones.”

Well screw you for comparing me to a bone of all things! How would you know the body type that all men in the world prefer? I truly believe you have not met every single man alive, and if you have then I feel sorry he had to meet your presence. The truth is that some men go for women with Christina Hendrick’s hourglass figure while others take pleasure in pursuing women with Rachel Bilson’s petite, tiny figure.

4.“I thought you would be a total b*tch before I got to know you. Really slim women always think they’re better than everyone else.”

While I understand that what you’re saying is likely not trying to come off as a dig, it ends up sounding that way. You’re under the incorrect notion that women who exercise and are lean walk around with their noses in the air, making jokes at the cost of overweight women. A thin woman with a fulfilled life would waste her time making rude jokes about other women; your incomprehensible assumption has nothing to do with her and everything to do with your low-self esteem that you’re projecting on her.

5.“Your body isn’t meant for this dress. You’re not curvy enough.”

You do not get to police what I can and cannot wear anymore than I cannot police what you decide to wear. Clothing items come in different sizes because women come in different sizes; if sizes became obsolete then everyone would buy one-size fits all items that are nine times out of ten usually too enormous on slim women and too tight on heavier women. Fashion is a way to express yourself whether you like it or not. If a non-curvy girl wants to wear a form-fitting dress then who are you to tell her that it was only made for women with a voluptuous figure?