5 Things You Need To Remember When Shit Gets Hard


I feel like more than ever, life has been a struggle. Some days we can make some serious progress and start to get comfortable. Other days, we feel like we are holding on by a thread. Maybe half a thread if we are being honest. I often joke that I am seconds away from a 2007 Britney. Then I am reminded that if Britney could survive her breakdown of 2007, I can survive whatever it is I am going through. The same thing goes for you, my friend. When shit starts to get rough, remember these 5 things.

1. It is only temporary.

Whatever you are going through that has you freaking out will not last forever. The worst of the anxiety comes at the beginning of the problem. Eventually, things will calm down and you’ll get to think with a clear head. From there you will be able to make a game plan and find the best way to go about handling the situation.

2. You are not crazy.

When you start to feel your life spiraling out of control, you can’t help but feel like you are going insane. I found myself going into deep and dark places while battling some depression and anxiety. Everyone close to me kept telling me how concerned they were. I didn’t sound the same, I didn’t act the same, and I clearly wasn’t the same. I didn’t know how to communicate what I was going through. Putting it all into words was difficult because I felt crazy, like I had no right to feel the way I did. The truth is, you are not crazy and you just need to deal with a large array of emotions. We experience emotions for a reason. Find the root of the problem and you will be surprised at how much you learn about yourself.

3. It’s okay to not be okay.

Life is hard right now. That is okay. You don’t have to pretend otherwise. It is perfectly okay to not be okay. What you are going through is valid and if you need to crawl under your covers for a night and hide, then do it. There is nothing in the life manual that says you have to be perfectly happy all the time. We are left to figure this crap out ourselves and sometimes you just need a break.

4. Do not worry about what other people think of you.

Do not let what other people think of you stop you from doing what is best for you. We tend to care more about what other people think rather than what actually makes us the happiest. Your true friends and family will support you to the end and never make you question yourself. When you are battling a lot of things in your life, it can be difficult to turn to people. Sometimes the sadness and stress make you want to shut down and not allow anybody in. We think that by being vulnerable and allowing someone to see us in a less than flattering light will make us weak. In reality, you are showing nothing by strength. Remember, your biggest fans just want you to be happy at the end of the day.

5. You control your happiness.

At the end of the day, we have all the control. We decide who and what we put up with. We decide how hard to work and what we attempt. Whenever I find myself under a lot of stress and anxiety, I try to break it down into what decisions I can make that will change my stress level. Your decisions ultimately decide your future and control your happiness. So be fearless! Your future self will thank you.