5 Ways To You Find Yourself, Your Passion, And Your Career


One of the hardest things about growing up is having to figure out exactly what the hell you want to do in life. It’s overwhelming… So overwhelming that most people avoid the search all together and just keep trucking through life as if it is not necessary that they decide.

Years go by and they think, “What if…” “What if I had taken the risks? What if I had figured this out a long time ago? What if I had chased my dreams?”

You know you don’t want to be that person! And the truth is that if you want any kind of quality career it is absolutely necessary that you decide exactly what it is that you want to do.

Now let me help you figure out how to break this process down so you can stop feeling like a ton of bricks has landed on your chest every time someone mentions the future.

1. Search yourself.

Personality. What is your personality like? You don’t need to take a personality test to know if you are outgoing or more reserved. Of course you can take a test if you really don’t know yourself that well. They are all over the internet, but anything Myers-Briggs would be the way to go. They are the personality experts. Anyway… figure this out because if you are naturally outgoing and entertaining then you may want to get into some form of entertainment for a career. If you are more introverted and creative then some behind the scenes creative arts like photography, videography etc.. could work for you. If you are super analytical and achievement oriented, then the IT industry could be your gig. You will never really be able to figure out what you should be doing unless you really figure out who you are. Work on it.

2. Don’t Hold On To The Past.

Your past has shaped you. It may have hardened you a little bit, chipped away at your innocence and given you a little baggage, but that’s all good! It’s made you you. So stop moping around about all the bad shit that has happened and just accept it. Use it in your career to drive you towards something greater. Whatever you do, just don’t let all that negativity hold you down! SHINE BABY! Forgive!! Whoever has pissed you off and put themselves on your “shit list,” forgive them and move on. You cant have a bright future holding on to bitterness and unforgiveness. People are shitty. Accept that fact and let it go! They wont matter when you are rolling around in your brand new AUDI boo!

3. Use your Talents.

We are all born with some natural talent. Some people are great speakers, writers, artists, athletes. The list goes on and on. Whatever it is that you have always loved and been naturally good at, identify that thing and use it to your advantage. In order to actually make a career out of your talents, you have to be flexible. Just because you are a great writer doesn’t mean your going to sell a million copies of the first book you write. There are a lot of moving parts to success. Your goal is to refine your talents. That means, find small jobs that help you use your talents often, so that you can get better. For example, if you are a writer, look for a marketing job or a proof reading position. If you are a speaker, look for any type of management position, so you can refine your communications skills. Any job that helps you utilize your talents is a good job, no matter how “small” you think it is. Eventually you will find an unbreakable confidence in your abilities.

4. Write your own story.

Okay now I am going to tell you something that changed my life a long time ago. People live up to the image they have of themselves, and the most amazing thing is that you can change that image at any time. There was a scorpion who wanted to cross a river and he needed help doing so. He asked a frog for assistance. The frog refused explaining that the scorpion would sting and kill him if he allowed the scorpion to ride on his back across the river. The scorpion promised he wouldn’t sting the frog and said that if he killed the frog while crossing the river he would drown as well. So, the frog agreed to take the scorpion across the river. Halfway across the scorpion stung the frog. As the frog was dying and the scorpion was drowning, he asked the scorpion why he would do this? The scorpion replied, “Because that’s what scorpions do. We sting.”

This illustrates the power of our self image. However you see yourself determines who you will become, what you will achieve and how far you will go in life. They say the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. This isn’t simply because of some corrupt government agenda, people have what they see themselves having. They achieve what their self image allows them to achieve. They grow only as much as they believe they can. So, you have to reconstruct your self image. Can you change the world? Why or why not? Think bigger. Get out of the limitations you set upon yourself. If someone is going to be a billionaire, then why not you? If someone is going to live passionately traveling the world, then why not you? If someone is going to be fulfilled and be happy every single day doing what they love, then why cant it be you!?? It can! You just have to believe that the life you dream of can actually be a reality for you. You have to truly open your mind to developing a new way of seeing yourself.

For example, so many people want to get fit and live a healthy lifestyle, yet they can only go on small health stints before returning to their old ways. It isn’t until they actually start seeing themselves as one of those health freaks that they can make a change in their lives. Honestly, it’s hard to go from judging those high achieving freaks to actually becoming one of them. Whether it be professionally or personally, you have to figure out which direction you want to take in life and then shape your entire environment to match that.

People are going to talk about you whether you are doing well or you’re living just like them! You might as well live a kick ass life that makes you happy! Don’t forget, you write your own damn story! Only you can control your destiny! So dream big!


Last but not least, you have to choose. By now you should have at least narrowed down your objective. At this point, you’ll know the general direction that you want to take. The key here is to be specific. Remember, you wont get there overnight, but at least knowing where you want to go will help you say NO to all the small things that will get in the way.

So… Let’s get real:

1. Do you want more out of life? Like do you really?

2. Are you willing to work for it?

3. Are you willing to not give up when it feels like you’re failing?

4. Do you have the self control it takes to get to where you want to go?

5. Are you willing to work on growing every single day?

6. Are you ready for change?

7. Are you willing to ignore the shit people say about you on your way to the top?

8. Are you willing to give more than you ever thought you had?

Ask yourself these questions! Get real with yourself! Have a damn heart to heart with you! Because no one else will do it for you! When you are ready to choose, be specific. See yourself at the finish line. What would you do for the rest of your life if you could make big bucks doing it? DO THAT!

Let’s get started:

1. Make a plan.

2. Set 3 short term goals and 3 long term unrealistic goals.

3. Write everything down. I know you hate writing. Get the hell over it! All the greats keep a journal. If you want it bad enough you’ll do what you’re not used to doing! Grow up please and stop making excuses.

4. Visualize yourself there. Visualize the feeling of achieving your dreams. Visualize the success. I’m talking real life meditation time to actually picture this shit.

5. Every day take time out of your day to work on your goals or refine your skills. EVERY DAY.

6. Network. Get out of your comfort zone. “You have to know people to be successful.” is what all the lazy people use as an excuse to do nothing. It’s very true. You do need to know people. SO …. go meet them!

7. Have some damn integrity! If you would be shamed to see your shit aired on Facebook, stop doing it! Be a good person. Do what is right when no one is looking. The easiest way to sabotage your future is by doing something stupid that will cause you to lose people’s respect. Just be cool.

8. Love yourself. Take care of yourself. Success ain’t shit if you cant enjoy it because you’re suffering with illness or always exhausted. Eat well and exercise.

9. Unplug. You’ll never get anywhere if you never unplug. You need time to think about your future, evaluate your plans and reset your goals. The only way you can do that is when you stop thinking about everything else that’s happening in the world. You have to unplug and be quiet. When your mind is quiet your soul can speak.

10. Chase your dreams! Don’t be scared! If you end up regretting it you can always go back to that boring job, helping someone else build their dreams. But, quite frankly, I doubt you will ever return! Once you jump, there is no limit!