7 Things I’m So Glad I Stopped Worrying About By 25


1. My Past.

After 3 years of being OUT of an abusive relationship, I was over it! I was over caring about why, what, how… I was over it all. On top of that, I was over caring about the day my dad left, the moment my best friend betrayed me, and all the baggage I carried from my past. I was done holding on to the guilt, the pain, the embarrassment of what once was. I’ve been there, done that, got the T-SHIRT… I have lived the life of caring about my past and … It’s over and I am done with it and I quite frankly just don’t care anymore!

2. Other Peoples Opinions.

People can be pretty shitty and their opinions can be too. I have had people try to tell me about how to raise my kids, live my life, work my jobs, and breathe! Seriously…. Eating, drinking and breathing are now topics in public forum apparently…. Well I stopped caring. Half the people who have opinions need to get busy doing something productive in their own lives and stop worrying about mine. So, at the good old age of 25 I stopped giving a shit.

3. Things Being Perfect.

I used to think that everything had to be just perfect for me to be happy. I expected perfection of myself and others in relationships whether business or personal. I realized that caring about whether or not something is perfect or even close to perfect is just way too stressful and annoying. Now, I am all about going with the flow. If I or someone else makes a mistake, I charge it to the game and keep moving forward. After all, they say success comes through learning and learning through mistakes. SOOOO…. who cares! Granted, I still have standards for myself and others, which leads me to my next point.

4. Adjusting My Standards.

I used to think that it was important to accept people if I loved them. Well acceptance is important, but I now no longer accept people’s shitty behavior. I don’t adjust my standards to match someones actions toward me, making excuses for their disrespect, ignorance or rudeness. If I don’t like the way I or my children are being treated, I stand up firmly and immediately. I don’t have time to waste by letting people walk all over me or my blood. Im not ultra demanding, I have pretty realistic expectations and I know what I deserve so anyone who wants a friendship, business or romantic relationship with me will just have to get with it.

5. Getting Somewhere.

I am an achiever and I like to make instant progress. Whether it be in school or on a UFC Video Game, I am going to be good — ideally great. Well, at 25, I decided that achievement is important but not everything. So, instead of rushing to get somewhere professionally, personally, spiritually, etc… I just kind of accepted where I am as the ultimate destination! I became a little more present in the moment. I still work my ass off, I am just a little more chill about letting life come as it comes. This has helped me to be a better mother, girlfriend, business partner, boss and overall person.

6. Holding My Tongue.

Ive learned to be upfront with people from the get go, to let people know what I expect and how I am feeling. This just makes life so easy! I used to hold my tongue then get mad when people didn’t understand me. Life demands a little honesty out of all of us. It’s kind, courteous honesty that helps humanity find boundaries.

7. Pleasing My Parents.

I love, honor, and respect my parents, but they are just as fallible as any of us. So, at 25 I stopped living to make them happy and readjusted that focus on my own wants, abilities and needs! We still have a great relationship and I still give them a ton of respect. I just don’t make my decisions solely off the idea of what they may think of them. This was probably the hardest thing to stop caring about, but totally worth it.