50 Questions Every Pregnant Woman Asks Herself At Some Point


1. What if I’m a terrible parent?

2. What if I’m not cut out for this motherhood stuff after all?

3. What if I lose my kid on the playground?

4. What if there’s an emergency and I make the wrong call?

5. What if my baby dies in my arms…and it’s all my fault?

6. What if my maternal instinct is just too dull?

7. What if being a mom makes me lose my mind?

8. What if my baby inherits all of my worst physical features, and none of my good ones?

9. What if they inherit my least appealing personality traits, and none of my admirable ones?

10. What if they end up with all my significant other’s worst traits too?

11. And I can’t help resenting my partner as a result?

12. What if my child has trouble making friends?

13. What if they feel perpetually misunderstood?

14. What if I’m the one who just can’t understand them?

15. What if my kid never finds true love?

16. Worse yet, what if they’re the victim of unrequited love?

17. What if someone hurts them so badly that they can’t help closing themselves off for good?

18. What if they make all the same mistakes I did?

19. What if they fuck up worse than I ever did?

20. What if they mess up to an extent that no one can forgive them except mom and dad?

21. What if they can’t bring themselves to bounce back from a terrible setback?

22. What if they fail to see the value in failure?

23. What if they’re depressed and I don’t know how to help them?

24. What if some other mental illness overwhelms them?

25. What if they reject every lesson we try to impart on them?

26. What if everything we do to set a good example backfires on us?

27. What if they end up dead broke, homeless, addicted to hard drugs, or in jail?

28. What if my kid never finds their passion…their reason to live?

29. What if they’re bullied?

30. What if they just can’t hack it at in life?

31. What if they fall in with the wrong crowd?

32. What if we scream at each other constantly because we just. can’t. understand. each other?

33. What if my baby has special needs I simply cannot meet?

34. What if my child develops a more meaningful connection with my significant other than he or she ever has with me?

35. What if they bond more deeply with someone outside the family altogether?

36. What if they struggle to find themselves?

37. What if they never find a mentor?

38. What if they suffer from delusions of grandeur?

39. What my child inherits some unthinkably awful genetic disorder?

40. What if my partner and I split and our child hates us for it?

41. What if my kid is downright ugly?

42. What if they turn out to be truly evil?

43. Or a lifelong criminal?

44. Or, worse yet, they’re lured into a cult?

45. Or fancy themselves a prophet and start their own religion or something?

46. What if our views on literally everything differ?

47. What if my kid dies before I do?

48. What if our relationship sours over time?

49. What if our relationship mirrors the one I have with my own mom?

50. What if my mistakes as a parent permanently damage them?