9 Reasons To Celebrate Being A Pisces (This Month, And Every Day)


1. You are creative.

Your mind isn’t built like anyone else’s. You think in poetry, in art, in words and language and color and design. Everything about you is creative. You think outside the box, always. And you are the first one to come up with new, interesting ideas. More than likely you’re good at something artsy—painting, coloring, sculpting, writing, designing—or you’re just inclined to notice and celebrate the beautiful things of this world.

2. You are spiritual.

You believe in a god or spirits or energy or have faith in the unknown. There’s something about you that goes beyond the literal world and it’s not only fascinating, but beautiful. You see the world differently than others and more often than not, you get lost in your own complex, chaotic mind. You’re a dreamer, but you not only dream – you do.

3. You feel emotion deeply.

Everything you experience, you take in. Everything you feel, you feel deeply. The world sees this as a negative, but it’s actually such a beautiful thing. When it comes to feelings, you’re not afraid to express them, to process them, to be open about them with others. You love hard and feel all of that love in your body and soul. Anything you experience—sadness, joy, calm, wonder—fills your entire body, and though this can be a lot to handle sometimes, it’s an amazing part of who you are and how you experience the world.

4. You’re an empath.

You take in the thoughts, feelings, and perspectives of others. You care so much about people and things and have no problem being selfless, or putting others first. You’re nurturing and kind, and always thinking about others, sometimes even before yourself.

5. You’re intuitive.

You notice things – probably because of your creative mind. You’ve always been this way, seeing things that others don’t or being able to figure out problems or help people without question. Your mind and heart work together – a combination of giving and innovative in everything you do.

6. You’re hard-working.

Everything you do, you do with 110% – work, relationships, your passions. You push yourself and are always striving to be better. Sometimes this can be challenging, and wear you down, but it’s your will and drive to accomplish that pushes you forward.

7. You’re comfortable on your own.

You have no problem being alone or spending time with yourself. When it comes to time apart from a significant other or close friend, you are able to seek solace comfortably. You are independent and need time to recharge and refresh on your own. You’re able to be around people easily, but you keep a perfect balance between social time and solo time.

8. You’re easy to get along with.

Because you’re a good listener, you’re easy to talk to. This makes it very simple for others to get along with you or open up to you. You’re non-judgmental and think in different ways so you have no trouble accepting people for who they are.

9. You’re passionate.

The most beautiful thing about you is your passion. You care, you love, you give. Your soul is made of so much warmth and everything you do is filled with heart.

You are a Pisces – a water sign – kind and complex and creative and emotional.
You should celebrate who you are this month, and every day.