55 YouTubers You Should Watch (Because Cable TV Is Too Expensive) 


These YouTubers mentioned on Ask Reddit are hilarious, informative, and entertaining.

1. Cinemawins. Like Cinemasins, but more in-depth and is all about celebrating the good in movies.

2. I love watching a channel called Legal Eagle. I’m not a lawyer myself but I find it interesting to watch his analysis of different movies and TV shows for legal realism. He even did the trial scene of Tyrion in King’s Landing.

3. Captain Disillusion. Not only his debunks of viral videos, dissecting their visual effects in an entertaining and fascinating way, but also just watching him talk with passion about visual effects and filmmaking (e.g. his two VFXCool videos on the Back To The Future Trilogy) is just amazing. Listening to anyone talk about a subject they genuinely care about is something I love, but out of all the people on YouTube, I think Captain Disillusion is one of the best. Also, his own visual effects are top-notch, so he’s clearly got some experience himself in this type of field.