6 Phrases 20-Somethings Use And What They Mean


Being the generation that grew up on AOL Instant Message, Myspace, and mastering the art of the perfect “away message”, we pretty much inadvertently destroying the English language. And that’s, like, not okay. However, if you are not a twenty-something yet, or way past a twenty-something and come across one of these creatures in the streets, here’s how to understand what the hell is spewing from their vocal cords. Disclosure: Not all twenty something’s use these phrases, but lets be real. Don’t make me search your old Myspace profile.

1. “I’m literally dying.” [dahy-ing]

Translation: Not dying. Hungover; Exhausted; To describe excruciating laughter without actually performing the act of laughing; Happiness over a text message that Susan received from Greg; Not to be confused with “I can’t even deal.”
Examples: – “I can’t go out tonight, I’m literally dying.”
– “OMG, I can’t believe she said that to you. Like, I’m literally dying.”
– “ That is the cutest thing ever!!! I’m literally dying right now.”

2. “I can’t even deal.” [I-ka-ant-eve-n-deal]

Translation: The opposite of being able to; The act of can’t even dealing; Something was funny, and like, you can’t even deal. Kelly bought the same dress as you, and now you can’t even deal.
Examples: – “Why would she buy the same dress as me? I can’t even deal right now.”
– “That is the funniest thing I have ever heard, I can’t even deal.”

3. “Ugh.” [ugg]

Translation: A sluggish feeling; An exclamation of disgust; An interjection normally found in text, being brought to life in verbal form.
Examples: – ‘I’m literally dying. Ugh.”
– “Ugh, why do I have work today?”

4. “Boo” [boo]

Translation: Not from Monsters Inc; Not Casper the friendly ghost; “Boo” is most commonly used to describe ones significant other; Ones boo-thang, if I may?
Examples: – “Okay, boo. I’ll see you later.”
– “No problem, boo. I’ll just cancel my life to spend the rest of eternity watching you play video games.”
– “Boo, r U hoMe??!”

5. “That’s sick” [tha-ts-sick]

Translation: Not needing medical attention; Something is so cool, it’s sick; It’s awesome.
Example: – “You’re going to Italy for 4 months? That’s sick.”

6. “I mean” [I-meen]

Translation: Not explaining what you mean; A conversational stall; Agreeing to disagree.
Examples: “I mean, if you like anime porn that’s cool and all, I just do not.’
“He’s an idiot and you keep going back to him. But, I mean, whatever you want to do.”