6 Reasons Why You Should Actually Be Thrilled About Getting Your Period


1) You’re not pregnant!!!

You did it! You are a responsible adult! Your birth control worked and that is a fabulous thing to celebrate. Another month of safe sex and you’re poppin’ a bottle of wine in gratitude that you don’t have to abstain from drinking for 9 months. Even if you haven’t been laid in a while, it’s a relief to know that some miraculous Jesus baby conception didn’t happen. Wahooo! Keep up the good work of being responsible with your body parts!
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2) It’s an excuse to wear your worst, but most comfortable, underwear.

I am convinced that anyone who is all like “Oh bummer I can’t wear my lacy,crotchless, sex kitten underwear this week, damn it!” is a LIAR. This week gives you free reign to throw on your comfiest pair of underwear that you have but never wear because sometimes those horrendous fruit salad-print bikini briefs are just too embarrassing – but not this week! NO! You will rock whatever makes you comfiest because Lord knows it’s a war zone down there.

3) You are healthy.

Having your period is just a solid sign that your body is working the way it’s supposed to be. Things like medication, stress, and other serious conditions can lead to irregular periods. Whatever your norm is, having your period can be a little reminder that you are doing alright this month.
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4) It reminds you that you are a powerful life vessel.

So maybe you want to have kids or maybe you don’t – whatever you want or don’t want is your choice and that is POWERFUL! You have the ability of growing the future of humanity inside of you whether or not you decide to become a mother one day. Think about it – only approximately half of the population have the power to maintain the population, and you’re included in that. How cool!
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5) Nothing beats that post-period euphoria.

After a week (or two) of being a total emotional basket case who binge eats anything in her path and spirals into a path of self-destruction, there is nothing better than that feel-good hormonal boost that makes you want to dance on tables and mouth kiss your pizza delivery man. All of a sudden, everything is better again. Your Aunt Flo has a bad attitude about everything, but once she leaves it’s a whole different story. Plus, you’re not bloated anymore! All of a sudden you feel sexy, mentally sound, and confident in all of your clothes and everything that you do. Literally nothing is stopping you from Beyonce-strutting your way to the bus stop.
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6) It reminds you of your independence.

This somewhat goes along with the whole “not being pregnant” thing. Getting your period is a reminder that you do not have to be responsible for anyone but yourself right now. It reminds you of how privileged you are for having access to birth control and the opportunity to live a life outside of raising a family (for now at least). Right now you have the freedom to go to grad school or move across the country or start taking painting classes because you want to. And nothing and no one is holding you back from that.