6 Reasons Why Younger Men Make The Best Rebounds


Sometimes, relationships are exhausting. You come in hopeful and on top of the world, you come out bruised, battered, and broken. Sometimes, you just need time off after a break-up. A break from everything. That isn’t for me. Instead, I’m trying this new thing: dating younger men. And I’ve compiled a few reasons why you should too (read: to justify my decisions).

1. They have zero expectations.

Yeah, okay, they don’t have zero expectations, they have one: for you to be hot/cool enough so they can show you off to their friends. Fine with me. Zero emotional investments? No deep conversations and DTRs? Sign me up!

2. Taylor Swift did it.

Taylor Swift was 22 when she dated 18 year-old Conor Kennedy. Taylor Swift was a multi-millionaire by 18. Obviously, she makes great decisions. Yeah, correlation DOES imply causation. Let’s follow in her footsteps, guys!

3. They’re far more exciting than jaded, older men.

They’re young, they’re optimistic, they’re going to change the world, they can do anything they want! They make you see the things you’ve already done and gotten bored of in a new light. They have yet to turn into jaded working men. Everyone who has recently been through a devastating heartbreak needs a little positivity in his or her life. Additionally, all that youthful energy, if channeled properly, can make you a very, very happy camper, if you know what I mean.

4. They act their age.

At least when 18 year-old boys act immature, you kind of expect it. I mean, you ARE dating an 18 year-old, you’re not supposed to expect maturity. Past experience taught me that, in the case of men, older definitely does not mean more mature, so in that sense, age doesn’t really make a difference.

5. They adore you.

Which recent high school graduate/college freshman isn’t obsessed with their 21-year-old partner? You’re almost definitely going to be the settler in the reacher/settler situation. I’m just saying, a little ego boost once in a while can do you a lot of good, especially after a soul-crushing heartbreak.

6. It embarrasses your teenage brother to no end (if you have one)

I know it’s not THE reason to date a younger boy, but any way I can embarrass my 17 year-old brother, I’ll take it.

In the grand scheme of things, 2-3 years of age-difference don’t really matter — you know, as long as you’re both past the legal age, of course. Some may call you a loser, but they’re sitting there judging you while your date takes you dirt biking. So who’s the loser, really? Anyway, wouldn’t an honest and simple relationship, despite the lack of “love”, be better than a complicated emotional roller coaster?

featured image – xjorgiimx