Even If You Fail, Always Remember To Begin Again


Let’s begin again.

Again, again, again. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Let’s return, go back, and restart what wasn’t into what will be. Let’s alter the negation of the status quo. What we don’t have, what we aren’t, we can still be. We can erase, you see, we can erase the negation. Things don’t have to be defined by what they are not. So you aren’t where you thought you would be. So you aren’t living your childhood dreams. So you aren’t in the city with banana-colored taxis, so you aren’t writing for the Times. So you aren’t even a figment of the projections you once foreshadowed for yourself.

Listen to Samuel Johnson and clear your mind of negation, of can’t. 

Because you can. That is the beauty of second chances. Life is an infinite sum of restarts. Failure is not a dead road, failure is a disguised beginning. Point A can be redrawn wherever you please, in any setting at any time. Such is the flexibility of life. You fail, you fail, you fail. Over and over. But you begin just as frequently.

Fall on one step, rise up on the next. It’s the simplest metaphor of full circles and comebacks. You can be your own comeback. You can be those projections, in full force or slightly altered. Even if you are a neorealist, follow those damned idealistic prescriptions. Have conviction in your worth, believe undoubtedly and act uncompromisingly. Be a force of I can, I can, I can and I will, I will, I will. 

For once in your life, wear those rather hideous but useful rose colored glasses and look. Look with bright eyes, with reckless ambition and novel hope. Look at the world like you once did when you were just a dreamer with your head in the clouds. And if they ask if you’ve gone astray, if they point at your perceived failures, look back at them and say nothing but just smile. Have faith in your mistakes and the new beginnings they inspire. Have the courage to begin again and make them wonder why you are still smiling.

featured image – Georgianna22