6 Responsible Adult Things You Should Be Doing


1. Saying “no” when it’s necessary. If you’ve got obligations or stuff to work on in an attempt to better yourself, that should be prioritized ahead of temporary pleasure, especially if you’ll later feel regretful for not utilizing time. How often have you been doing homework and gotten an invite for a night out, or been encouraged to call in sick to work for a day of festivities? Yes, it may be a good time as it happens, but if you’ll be upset with yourself later, it’s probably not worth it.

2. Accepting declined offers instead of making friends feel bad for turning down invitations out so that they can handle work, school or self-improvement related responsibilities. We shouldn’t pressure friends to blow off anything that is a step towards their personal success, especially knowing that the daily grind often seeps into the evening when you’re trying to flourish.

3. Budgeting. Mainly just avoid living beyond your means. In younger, less responsible days it was far too common to splurge on something you wanted instead of paying a bill on time, but that phase must come to an end eventually if we’re going to be mature adults. I know, it’s not always the fun or pleasurable way, but in the long run it’ll be beneficial.

4. Giving nice, firm handshakes when in a professional environment or just meeting someone for the first time. Try to save the high fives, low fives, chest bumps and festive shakes for your friends. As fun as they may be, you don’t want to end an interview or greet a CEO with a fist pound/explosion combo.

5. Keeping track of your things. Obviously stuff happens and there’s things like theft that we can’t prevent, but far too often people are shockingly cavalier about losing debit cards, wallets, purses, phones, etc. These are your belongings; it’s always interesting to see that friend who’s like, “Aw, man, I lost my wallet again. It had my credit cards, social security, some cash and family photos… Oh well – anybody got a taste for tacos? I’m going to need you to spot me though, for obvious reasons.

6. Own professional clothing. It’s just always nice to possess a pair of dress shoes or a suit instead of having to call five different friends to borrow every specific article. Steve can I borrow a tie? Alex, do you mind if I use your blazer? James can I borrow argyle socks? It’s a hassle and as an adult, you never know when you’ll need these things, so staying ready means not having to hastily scramble to get ready. 

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