6 Signs You’re A 20-Something ‘Grandma’ And Owning It


You love to have fun, until about 9:00 p.m.

You’re all about a busy day full of adventure and surprises, but as the old adage goes “all good things must come to an end.” And for you, that end crops up at about 9:00 p.m. No hate toward the night owls in your life, but you just don’t possess that kind of late-night zeal for anything other than your bed.

You’d much rather a quiet night in than an evening on the town.

Don’t get me wrong you’re not a hermit, here. But you have worked hard to create a personal space / home that you actually enjoy spending time in. Not to mention, you’ve got plenty of fine dining (and drinking) options right where you are (none of which require extra spending). So, in theory you’re evening-in is actually allowing you to save money, and there ain’t nothin wrong with that!

If you’re not binging Cupcake Wars, you’re probably catching up on some HGTV.

It’s not your fault Joanna Gaines is a home decor goddess who knows exactly how to accentuate shiplap. Watching people bake their hearts out and redesign their dream homes is both relaxing and invigorating. Who wouldn’t love that kind of combination on a quiet Saturday evening?

You live for a good robe.

Plain and simple: robes are life. Their cozy, their comfortable and they can be perfectly accessorized with anything from a facemask to a hair towel. Oh, and let’s not forget versatility. There’s a robe for every season, length and hue of your choosing. Throw in your favorite beverage and the possibilities truly are endless.

Social media overwhelms you.

Sure, who doesn’t enjoy perusing Instagram for a great puppy video? (I mean this girl certainly does.) However, when it comes to the daily intake we all experience from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and so on and so forth, it can be a lot for your brain to handle. With the exception of an adorable animal photo or the occasional milestone post, you’d much rather be reading or (doing anything really) other than stalking everyone you know via your mobile device.

You tend to be the advice giver.

You’d probably be quick to say that you are far from having it all together. After all, you are by no means perfect, and certainly will never claim to be. Yet, among your friends you are still the person people go to when they need a lending ear. Maybe it’s your gentle nature, or your shameless promotion of self-care (shout out to chamomile tea and bubble baths), but either way, during tough times, people find solace in your words. You might not always have the answers, but the feeling of being needed is something you definitely appreciate. And you’ll take that over a night of club hopping, any day!