When Your Wanting Crumbles

Look around you. Look hard, but never deep. Let the scrutiny burn and the examination exhaust as it moves from pupil to pupil.

10 Things People Who Practice Self-Love Do

True self-love requires a willingness to remain open about both the good and the bad parts of who you are, and to face that dichotomy, very honestly, each and every day.

8 More Reasons To Love Dating A Dog Owner

Not ready for a baby? Perfect! Dating a pet owner means you have an equally adorable soul to dress up like silly on every major holiday—all without nine months of pregnancy.

17 Things That Happen When Your BFF Moves To Another City

You feel weirdly obligated to interact with other people since she’s no longer available for weekly activities. This in turn brings you to the sad realization that the term “social circle” is really just code for “I basically have one friend.”